Wheel Balancing - dilbert
Hi everyone. Has anyone any advice about wheel balancing? My situation is this: I've a 2000 BMW 323i. I had a new set of tyres fitted at the weekend (due to vandalism) and now I find the wheels aren't balanced properly, despite paying to have this done when the new tyres were fitted.

This came as no surprise to me, as I've had loads of problems with wheel balancing in the past. I've no confidence that the fast-fit joint that fitted the tyres will be able to rectify the problem if I took it back as Fast-fit tyre places just don't seem to be able to do it effectively (or care). In fact, the last time I had this trouble, it took several visits to my BMW dealer (and several hundred £££) before they managed to balance the wheels totally. It's got to the stage where I hate anyone touching my wheels at all - each time weights are prised off and new ones fitted just seems to damage the wheels' rims, the problem doesn't go away and I'm left out of pocket.

I've started wondering whether my kind of car is particularly sensitive to wheel balancing and maybe I'm being unrealistic to expect that my wheels can run without any vibration at all at all speeds. The question is this: does anyone know of a specialist who I can be confident can do this work for me a) the first time and b) without carelessly damaging my wheels. I'm in Surrey. Any ideas? Cheers!
Wheel Balancing - Sooty Tailpipes
Next time I get tyres, I will forgo the balancing and return after a few days and have it done when the tyres are bedded in on the rims.

I think what happens is they put them on, balance them, and when you drive around, it is only then that the tyres seat properly on the rims.

LandRover now use special machines which spin the tyre up against a roller pressing on the tyre with greta force.

I also notice how no tyre places seem to use proper weights for alloys (which are more rectangular and have a hole either side of the clip) , they are all profiled for the lip on steel wheels.

Good luck!
Wheel Balancing - Mike H
You could try Micheldever Tyres, at Micheldever Station, in Hampshire - a few minutes off the M3. They have high tech gear for most wheel-related issues.
Wheel Balancing - Aprilia
Try somewhere that does on-car balancing - it may be that your hub/disc assy is slightly out of balance.
Wheel Balancing - terryb
If you want to go for off-car balancing, ATS always seem to do a good job for me. The one at Leatherhead will also use stick-on weights so you don't get any rim damage.

What worries me more though is the apprentice who uses the air gun to put the damn things back on - then checks with a torque wrench. Of course, if the air gun over-torques it, the wrench bit is merely window dressing!


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