Rover 214SLI (Mark 2) Electric Window - MV
My driver's side electric window recently failed to close properly (caught the glass before it fell on the floor!) and on further inspection it appears that the little plastic brackets that hold the window to the closing mechanism have broken. I have tried a glue repair, but this is not going to be an option as it will not hold the weight of the window when closed.

My question is then, does anyone have any idea where I might be able to buy some of these plastic brackets? The other option I was thinking of was getting down to the scrapyard and just getting another driver's side window - would this be an easier option given the need to glue the brackets to the glass?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
Rover 214SLI (Mark 2) Electric Window - AR-CoolC
If its the white plastic clips that are glued to the bottom of the glass and then bolt onto the mech then I would say that the only way to go is to pop down to the scrappy and pick up a new one.

Or alternativly come and see me and I'll fit a nice shiny brand new one.

Rover 214SLI (Mark 2) Electric Window - DL
You can buy them from an MGR Parts dept although successfully bonding them to the glass is a different story altogether.

More often then not you'll need a new window drop glass, which has new clips bonded to it.

Best of luck!
Rover 214SLI (Mark 2) Electric Window - MV
Thanks to all those who have helped. On the advice of a mechanic friend of mine I think that a visit to one of Hull's multitudinous scrap yards is in order. A Rover breakers here seems to think that they can sell me a window for 20 quid, which seems to be the best option given that our previous efforts at bonding the materials have fallen flat!


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