a better GRIP - draden
Idea: Reversed hovercraft for better grip

A car could pull itself towards the ground by sucking the air below itself, like a vacuum cleaner. So it would have a better grip.

This should be switched on only when needed (turning, accelerating or breaking). Bumpers should also be adjusted.

(I could add a drawing if I knew how to attach it.)
a better GRIP - flatfour
I think this is the idea behind spoilers, the faster you go the harder the car is pushed down on the road. Citreon C5 alters body hieght to change aerodynamics at different speeds.
a better GRIP - jc
It was banned ,years ago,from Grand Prix Racing.
a better GRIP - draden
Well, I didn't know that. But why doesn't somone use it for the street car or is it totaly illegal?
a better GRIP - Cardew
The Grand Prix cars had skirts that enabled the suction to work. Even on on clean tracks there were problems with it picking up muck. Imagine the problems on normal roads.


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