Toyota Estima Emina 4wd MPV - Surfkayaker
I am looking for an MPV with 4wd to accommodate a family of teenage kayakers & gear. One option is a Toyota Estima Enima 4wd 2.2Td perhaps via Algy's Autos of Cyprus. I would be interested in hearing from anyone with experience, good or bad, of a) the vehicle; b) the importer; c) any other 4wd MPV. Thanks
Toyota Estima Emina 4wd MPV - T Lucas
I don't know the importer,i do know the vehicles,the only thing to be careful of is possible overheating,if you do buy one make sure the coolant system is throughly flushed out and the correct mix of coolant is replaced.
If i was keeping one for myself i would have it well serviced/inspected and change the cam belt,after that it's a Toyota,no probs.
If you are in the UK Tesco are very keen on the insurance.
All parts are readily available.
Toyota Estima Emina 4wd MPV - No Do$h
Totally off topic, as usual.

Surfkayaler, you don't know anyone with a Pyranha I3 222 for sale do you? Looked in all the usual places and they go before the advert posts! Just getting back into paddling after a 6-7 year break and somewhat shocked to find out that nobody paddles dancers anymore and that stuntbats are no longer considered state of the art.
If I don't reply it's nowt personal, I'm just working!

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