My car's a write off. - Michael Thomas
I was looking to trade in my Rover 620 for a 75 in the next month or so. However, fate had other ideas.

I was involved in a nasty rear end shunt and eight car pile up on the M4 on the 16th at about 5.45pm. Apologies for the reported 10 mile tailback if you were stuck in it. The car was totalled (topped and tailed) as it took the full impact of two cars whilst I was stationery. The first car swerved and bounced off, the second car hit me square in the boot. God knows now but I walked away with a slighty stiff neck. Full credit to the 620, it soaked it up and probably saved my life.

Anyway, the need for transport means I can't wait the several weeks required for my preferred choice of 75. So I'm going for a another 600 to tide me over for a year or so whilst I lick my financial wounds. Least the settlement I got was a reasonable £3175, not bad for a 94 with 60K on the clock.

There's a 623GSi going at a garage near Sandhurst on a 97R with 60K on the clock for £5450. I'm fairly au-fait with the 600 and I feel they are an elegant car and a great cruiser. Most of my 12,000 miles a year are motorway miles.

Is this a good deal? The book prices all seems about that. Is there anything I need to look out for apart from the rear wing rust probs and checking out all electrics?

Again many thanks in advance for your help.
Re: My car's a write off. - Paul Whitehead
I'll never buy another Rover due to the rust probels that you described.

I was in crash, a Merc hit my rusty Rover, the floor came away due to rot, sills peeled off like paper, wind screen pillars {due to sunrof induced rot} collasped too.

Not good at all!!!!!!!!!
Re: My car's a write off. - honest john
Paul's right. But the 623GSi is the best 600 Rover ever put together thanks to its decent Honda engine and much better wheels, tyres and suspension settings. What to watch out for (in addition to rear arch rust) is trouble with the ignition igniter (distributor) and ignition amplifier. The amplifier is cheap, but the ignitor isn't. Thanks for the screen pillar rot info from Paul. The other reason why screen surrounds of 600s and Honda Accords and lots of other cars is paint scraped off during a windscreen replacement. Once the rubber's popped back on the ideal conditions are created for severe rusting.


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