Seat toledo ventilation problem - joe
I have a 1996 Seat Toledo Sport. The control for the airflow (ie the knob that controls where the air is directed) is broken. It will turn to 2 positions, windscreen and footwells, albeit with some difficulty. However it is jammed in some way and it cannot be turned to direct air from the dashboard vents, either partially or fully. This is ok in the winter, but not so good when the aircon is on. I suspect it is a dashboard off job, and I am only really interested in doing anything about it if I can do it myself. It is not worth spending serious money on. There is no Haynes manual for this car so I do not really know where to start. Can anyone help?
Seat toledo ventilation problem - DL
It's a common problem, it might be worth posting a question over on and see what happens.

Either way, it's an expensive and fiddly job to do. Sorry!

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