driver education - Stargazer {P}
Ok, It's nearly the holiday weekend.

We are all familiar with the Xmas 'dont drink and drive' publicity machine and the summer holiday 'speed kills' campaign..but....

What other motoring 'offenses' would fellow back roomers like to see targeted on a TV ad campaign, the above two are excluded.

One for starters...Queueing across yellow hatched boxes and needlessly bringing major junctions to a standstill.

Over to you

Ian L.
driver education - volvoman
Agree with that one Ian. I just can't understand why people do that sort of thing. Often it's obvious that their selfish actions will just prolong everyone's agony but many people still act so selfishly on the roads. How many times have you been in a queue of traffic and found that someone has blocked a junction preventing a right turn by oncoming vehicles. The queue of oncoming traffic grows and eventually brings the line of traffic you're in to a halt for the very same reason. Result?
The traffic in both directions grinds to a halt and all sorts of mayhem ensues due to the actions of 2 selfish drivers !! It happens all the time. Are these people stupid or what ?
I just wish that everyone would spare a thought for those around them and be AWARE of road conditions. If we all did this congestion would diminish as would journey times and the sort of stress which leads to speeding, road rage and dangerous driving. I'd be happy to see a campaign on such issues but can't help feeling very sad that it's actually necessary. We bring all this on ourselves don't we!
driver education - Roger Jones
Why do they do it? Most people don't think most of the time -- the safest assumption to make while driving.

I'd like to see tailgating come into focus as a public campaign. There are incredible lunatics around who will sit 20 feet from your tail at 40 mph and more, oblivious to the risk.
driver education - Wales Forester
I'd like to see a 'We drive on the left in the UK' campaign, whereby fellow motorists are advised that once they've passed a slower vehicle on a dual carriageway or motorway, and they're not going to catch another up soon, they should move themselves back over to the left and allow other to pass them instead of clogging the whole road up!

As an example of this, I spent 50 minutes doing what is normally a 35 minute journey down the A55 dual carriageway into North Wales the other day, the only reason for my delay was the sheer incompetence of a few fellow motorists who insisted on sitting in the outside lane mile after mile for no reason, leaving the inside lane virtually empty and open for business for idiots to undertake at stupid speeds and then push their way back in further up the line.

End of rant!

driver education - Kuang
There actually *was* a campaign a year or so back to remind people of how to handle box junctions - the fact that almost nobody remembers it probably shows how successful it was :)

My vote for a new campaign is to remind people to USE THE HANDBRAKE INSTEAD OF KEEPING YOUR FOOT ON THE PEDAL AND BLINDING ME! The increase in high powered central brakelights means now I end up with more headaches after a evenings driving in traffic than I'd usually get in an average week..
driver education - P 2501
I travel 20 miles to and from work every day, 10+ miles of which is done along a 60mph limit B road. Almost every day without fail i will get behind someone who insists on driving at 35 ish mph and holding up a line of cars for miles, as there are few opportunities to overtake.I am not a fast driver, but i do believe in driving at a speed appropriate for the road and conditions, ie 50mph or thereabouts (making progress as the DSA call it). This makes me incredibly frustrated and i wonder how someone can drive at such a slow speed and not see the huge line of cars behind them!

Rant over!

driver education - volvoman
Agree and sympathise Duffy. Is this sort of thing just a carry over of the inconsiderate behaviour we see generally though ? E.g. people blocking pavements, doorways and entrances; shoppers leaving their trolley blocking the aisles whilst they have a chat or study the contents of a tin at great length; people trying to get on trains before others have had a chance to get off; morons driving around in the small hours like maniacs with their sound systems blaring out unbearable noise; taxi drivers tooting their horns at 2am; people who light bonfires on the hottest day of the year when everyone has their washing out and windows open; people who sit next to you in a restaurant and immediately light up a Havana cigar, pipe or some other noxious weed and blow clouds of smoke everywhere whilst you're eating;.......

The list really is endless and I'm not sure much of it is deliberate, rather just down to a general lack of consideration and respect for others.

Perhaps we really need to start teaching good citizenship in our schools.
driver education - Stargazer {P}
Perhaps the time of a driving licence until your 70th birthday is past. In Australia NSW you have to renew every 1,3 or 5 years (simple fill in form, new photo and eye test). Perhaps we should have something similar plus a compulsory 30min driver education video.

Is watching a 30min video a big cost to retain a licence? I certainly wouldnt object to watching a reminder on some of the dangerous and inconsiderate behavious I see on the roads provided I knew that within a few years most other people would be seeing it as well.

over to you all

Ian L.
driver education - P 2501
Totally agree volvoman. I think there is just less "good manners" around than there used to be. We live in such a fast paced world, where everyone is out to get as much for themselves as possible as quickly as possible that i'm afraid considerate and polite behaviour take a back seat.

Blimey, i sound like my dad.

driver education - Dry bearings
Well said Volvoman,we live in a selfish world these days.
What about the morons who are too idle to push their trolleys
back to the bays provided at supermarkets,leaving them to get
blown into someones car causing unnescessary damage?
driver education - Pugugly {P}
Anything that results in death. From stupid morons that think they are fast, safe drivers and are clearly not, through to people who fail to maintain crucial safety sysems on their vehicles.
driver education - smokie
"think they are fast, safe drivers and are clearly not" - so what about those of us that ARE fast, safe then?


I'm with Volvoman on his comments...
driver education - Roger Jones
Can't let that last sentence go unremarked, Volvoman. By the time the "little dears" (technical term used by my teacher sister, not without irony) get to school, it's too late. If a child hasn't grasped the rudiments of good behaviour and consideration for others in its infancy, don't ask the schools to do the remedial job. An exaggeration, I admit, but not without reason.

Now, back to cars . . .
driver education - volvoman
Perhaps late RJ but not too late surely. If the parents won't teach them pre-school then we have to break the cycle of selfishness somehow.

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