Hidden Volvo HU-803 menu options - SjB {P}
Prompted by a thread this week on www.volvospy.com/ , I remembered something I wanted to share, but didn't.

Recalling that my Vectra GSi had hidden menu options within the CCR-500 stereo head unit, several months ago, I spent half an hour pressing combinations of buttons on the HU-803 in my V70.

Low and behold, I found that this too has hidden menus, invoked as follows:

1) Head unit power 'off'
2) Press and hold the |<< (previous track) button
3) Switch on power
4) Continue to hold |<< button for several seconds
5) Bingo! Masses of menu options, some of which I understood,
some of which I did not, so I left well alone.

Courtesy of the above web site however, I found the following document that explains exactly how to use them:


Want to compare diversity antennae strengths?
No problem! (Though I don't want to!)

Want to adjust the surround sound defaults?
No problem!

Want to adjust the tonal range sent to each speaker individually?
No problem!

The most interesting to me was displaying vehicle speed (only in km/h) as used in the automatic volume control function. This appears to be incredibly accurate from measurements I have just made. In fact, whilst the speedometer itself over-reads (I am sure deliberately) even though it probably gets its' digital feed from the same source, the stereo head unit uses it without any filtering and with close to 100% accuracy.

Have fun, but don't come to me when something is broken and you need a VADIS session to put it right!

Queue Sean to tell us about VAG hidden menus.... ;-)


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