Purchasing a new Toyota Yaris - Tony Campbell
I am trying to purchase a new 5 door Toyota Yaris, I have seen advertised prices of £ 6995 at various trade warehouses but they dont seem to be able to have stock in the colour I prefer.
Has anyone got any experience/suggestions in this field.

Tony Campbell in Enfield
Re: Purchasing a new Toyota Yaris - honest john
Base Yaris models with power steering are in short supply. It is currently the best car in its class and demand is exceeding supply.

Re: Purchasing a new Toyota Yaris - Andy Bairsto
Where do they build the Yaris? somewhere round me I think I seem to see a lot on the transporttrain coming out of Poland.Maybe they are built along the Daewoo in poland .Mind you they build everything anywhere thee days.One car at a supersite in the Uk had a vehicle built in Japan shipped to Singapor sold at auction in Dubai along to the uk to be sold as new strange world.
Re: Purchasing a new Toyota Yaris - fred smith
mmm isnt dubai one of the centres of the stolen jap car trade ?
would have any such car checked out big time
Re: Purchasing a new Toyota Yaris - Robert Major
I believe the 1.0 Yaris is built in France and the rest in Japan.

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