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I have just had my VW Golf 60.000 serviced by a local VW dealer - which is fine, I can swallow a £200 servicing bill. What I'm not happy with is a quote for £1020 for extra work which needs to be carried out. The list includes Cambelt & water pump, Front & rear disks and and pads, wipers, rear washer jet replacement and re-welding of centre exhaust mount. Does anyone know of a reliable VW enthusiast who could do the job cheaper?? I live in the Isleworth, Twickenham, Richmond area. Cheers. Paul
VW Golf SE ('99) - Servicing help - Aprilia
That does seem very expensive. Cambelt and WP change is the only potentially challenging bit of the job. Most garages would be able to do the other aspects. Good quality discs and pads are available from Eurocarparts or GSF at considerably less than the dealer would charge - go for the 'OEM' quality range. Wipers and washer jet you should be able to do yourself!
VW Golf SE ('99) - Servicing help - Jagman
Give Hometune a ring, in my experience they give good service at a fraction of the dealer price, they will also come to you wherever you are!


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