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Car of my dreams, great summer, top down Yes!
I purchased a 320ci sports convertible on the 06/08/03 - 6mths old ex BMW staff car said the dealer
Two days ago, 10 days after I bought, it broke down on the Isle of Skye. We travelled on breakdown truck for 5 hours to dealer on the mainland. Its now at BMW local dealer (not dealer I bought it from) BMW assistance have given me a hire car.

Today 52 hours after it broke down the dealer said it needs a new wiring limb and they are "on back order from BMW Germany and it should arrive in 7-10 working days".

I have tried to to reject the vehicle under sale of goods but the dealer says they will repair it (in 2 weeks!)
Meantime I am paying for a sports car and driving a Vauxhall.

Any suggestions, advice? ( apart from I am a prat for expecting trouble free motoring and a quality service from BMW)
BMW convertible sports - MrWibble
Hmmm .... my 318 went in 6 times for leaky rear footwell - dealer though pleasant needed a little pushing before they decided to strip the carpets and actually try to locate the problem rather than replacing seals left, right and centre. At least its PHH Arval's bill. Gave me a '52' reg 320td Compact - much better than my 2000 W 318 and great round corners.

Tintin, Surprised a virtually new car needs new wiring unless there has been some problem in the past / chafing. Either there is a known problem hence replacement or perhaps the dealer does not want to spend time faulting this one...

BMW convertible sports - mab23

You have a limited amount of time after buying a car to reject it. That time is normally defined as 30 days or a few hundred miles.

If you want to reject the car, put it in writing to the dealership you bought it from. Do not let the dealer that has the car now do any repairs on it.

There has been some good advice on this forum in the past on the Sale of Goods Act and rejecting vehicles, search using the search link to the right.

From March I think the law changed so if faults occur within the first 3 months after the sale of the car the onus is on the dealer to prove the fault wasn't there when the car was sold.

Speak to a solicitor, trading standards or the CAB. Do not delay!

(I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV)

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