Volvo leather upholstery question - SjB {P}
I meant to write this a few weeks ago, but it got lost in the list of things to do, so here goes just a few days before I visit my local dealer.

Perish the thought, but at six months old from new, the first fault on our V70 has been discovered.

This is that the elasticated top of the map pocket on the rear of the front passenger seat is only attached to the seat frame at the left hand end. On the right hand end, sure, it is stitched in to the leather seat panel, but not to the seat frame underneath.

The result is that pronounced knee recess is somewhat saggy on that side, and I am fearful of tearing the stitching over time if the pocket is used.

By tipping the seat backrest completely forwards (easy with the latch that Volvo so thoughtfully provided), I can see that the leather seams are stapled together at the bottom, but still worry that unless the seat back is replaced (which I don\'t want for reasons of matching and waste), the problem is likely to be made worse by attempted repair, not better.

Do we have any backroomers with upholstery experience in our midst, please?

Many thanks as always.
Volvo leather upholstery question - Cyd
Get it replaced or mended under warranty. If you touch it yourself you will invalidate the warranty and will not be able to get it replaced later.
Volvo leather upholstery question - SjB {P}
Cyd - Sorry if I was not clear (reading the post back it is not), but I have NO intention of touching anything on over thirty thousand quids worth of car, under warranty!

The question is asked simply because whilst I have a relative wealth of mechanical knowledge, and reasonable electrical knowledge, I have absolutely no upholstery and trim knowledge, but want to be able to have an informed discussion with the dealer if I need to make a repair or replace decision.

Volvo leather upholstery question - Another John H
... you wouldn't want to be stitched up...

I'll get me coat.
Volvo leather upholstery question - BB
Usually, the cover is hog-ringed onto specific fixing points on to the frame. It seems to me that that either:
a) The cover was not hog ringed at the seat manufacturer or
b) It was hog ringed, but has ripped the material on the inside of the cover.

It is a very simple thing to do if you have worked in seating, but as you haven't, and it is still under warranty, take it back to the dealer and request that the cover be taken off. If the inside of the cover is ripped, you can request a new cover. If it hasn't been hog ringed, they may want to put a cable tie through it. This will do the same thing.

A hog ring is basically a metal staple type fixing device that serves exactly the same purpose as a cable tie. It is just quicker to assemble than cable ties.

Volvo leather upholstery question - SjB {P}
Thanks for the clear reply, BB.

You have put my mind at rest that this might not be as tricky for the dealer (or a specialist sub contractor they might use) to do as I thought it might.

The car is booked in for attention in the next few days, so I'll report back what happens.

Volvo leather upholstery question - BB
If the hogring is the reason why it looks saggy (and I am 99% sure from your first posting), they may not even have to take the whole cover off. An expert hand wriggler may be able to check/remedy! Thats what we used to do on seat lines to save stripping it down.
Volvo leather upholstery question - SjB {P}
Spot on BB! :-))

Many thanks for the informative and accurate reply.

Having just returned from ly local Volvo dealer, I quote from the warranty claim documentation: "Removed lower hog rings, found clip pocket holding clip had dropped away. Refitted and checked ok."

Took all of twenty minutes, and for those who worry about UK dealers and their attitude to imported cars under warranty, the 'i' word never even cropped up in conversation.

All done and dusted in a professional and courteous manner, with a clean and tidy room with decent fresh coffee to wait in.
Volvo leather upholstery question - BB
It's nice to be right for a change!

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