Replacing/ReSpraying Bumpers - What A Pratt
Just backed my 98 (new shape) Honda Prelude into a brick wall and cracked the back bumper, and now feeling the annoyance of something entirely avoidable and self-inflicted.

It definitely needs replacing as the paint has cracked in a sort of spiral cobweb out from the crack. What I'd really appreciate some advice on is the cheapest way of going about this. Could I buy a secondhand bumper and have it stripped and resprayed (could be complicated given the silver Prelude lettering glued to the bumper)? If not, is there a way of getting Honda parts at any discount to main dealer prices?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Replacing/ReSpraying Bumpers - Sooty Tailpipes
If you can get a decent second hand one, it can be rubbed down (not too far), and blemishes filled and resprayed. I don't think they would strip it, and this would cause complications, they will be factory primed and as long as the original paint is well adhered, keying the surface of it properly will be fine. The only problems would be if it chipped and you had a perculiar colour showing through it might look bad.
Replacing/ReSpraying Bumpers - EnormousDerek
When I was a young whippersnapper, back in the late 80's, I worked for a bloke in Hitchin, Herts that had a business unit up by the railway station which collected, repaired, filled and resprayed plastic car bumpers. I think he used to sell the finished article to garages and hire companies for about half the price of a new one from a dealer. Not sure if he's still in business, but there are bound to be others around the country that do this kind of work.

You need some specialised tools (industrial hot air guns and the correct plastic welding rods) to repair these things properly. A quick fibreglass job will probably fall to bits again fairly quickly, as the bumpers flex.


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