Benefits of garaging a car - Pat L
I currently use my (integral) garage for the newer of my two cars, but I'm considering using it as a fitness room.

The area does not have a high car crime rate so I don't think security is a big issue (famous last words). I know that defrosting in the winter will be a pain ( I have to do the wife's car anyway!) but will leaving the car outside have any serious detrimental effects?

Benefits of garaging a car - edisdead {P}
Watch out for overhanging trees. Cleaning sap off is a nightmare. Also bird droppings can be fatal for your paintwork. Round my way the crows eat grit.
Benefits of garaging a car - PR {P}
Your insurance premium will probably increase slightly, even in a low risk area. Apart from that, cant really think of anything else.
Benefits of garaging a car - SjB {P}
My reasons:

I garage both of our cars and the motorbike mainly for peace of mind. Sure, they are all insured, and except for the bike (for which garaging is a compulsory condition of storage), the effect on the premium is relatively small, but I'd much rather not have the implied inconvenience associated with a claim at all.

Of course, birds always embark and disembark from our gutters by flying over the driveway too, and I truly get fed up with wiping off bird poo several times a day from one or both cars. Unless we are going straight back out, the cars go straight in the garage for this reason.

Since having a garage to use, I have also found that mould/fur/call it what you like, no longer grows on the rubber seals at the foot of each window, as it did on previous cars despite regular cleaning by hand.

Having a garage free, aided by the fact that it is double with no separating wall, also means that I can perform any aspect of car maintenance without having to worry about the weather.

I work from home, so garaging the car much increases the required intervals with which cleaning is needed to maintain s**** and span paintwork.

Frosty mornings?
A pleasure! :-)

Gale force winds blowing branches and roof tiles down the street?
No worries.

And to finish with a reason that some might see as extreme, but which did affect a friend of mine: Being able to load the car for your holiday without telling the world about it.
Benefits of garaging a car - SjB {P}
Can someone tell me why ' p i c k'got targetted by the swear filter and turned in to s****?!

My dictionary gives no meaning other than 'smart and new looking'.

Benefits of garaging a car - X5
Is it a derogatory name for persons of a Spanish origin?
Benefits of garaging a car - John R @ Work {P}
WordNet Dictionary

[n] ethnic slur; offensive terms for persons of Latin American descent

[adj] completely neat and clean; "the apartment was immaculate"; "in her immaculate white uniform"; "a s****-and-span kitchen"; "their spic red-visored caps"

I would guess it's probably the noun, not the adjective...

John R
Benefits of garaging a car - MokkaMan

Just to turn the original argument around, have you spoken to an estate agent to find out marketability of your house with or without a garage. There could also be a cost from that perspective, which could be just as significant (or even more so) than the effect on the value of the car.
Benefits of garaging a car - SjB {P}
Thanks, X5 and John R.
Benefits of garaging a car - Mark (RLBS)

X5 & John R. were right. The sad thing being that I had to add it to the swear filter due to someone repeatedly trying to use it.

Benefits of garaging a car - Pat L

Thanks for the detailed reply. I agree with most of it, and have for three years appreciated the benefits of a warm (sometimes too warm) integral grarage with electric door.

However, despite good intentions to go to the gym etc I'm out of condition and need to use that running machine I bought two years ago but it's currently squashed in a tight spot in the garage and is partly blocking access to the freezer. My wife wants the running machine moved and the unfortunate knock on effect is that car will have to be evicted.

Thanks for the other replies. I do tend to clean and polish this car fairly regularly, perhaps I'll have to do it more often!

Must reduce this spreading waistline....

Benefits of garaging a car - Ian (Cape Town)
need to use that running machine I
bought two years ago ... partly blocking access to the
Must reduce this spreading waistline....

Maybe if you used it to TOTALLY block access to the freezer, so you can't get to the ice-creams, the situation would improve! :)

Now, Mr fair-weather here finds something strange - put the car outside, so you can run in the garage... What's wrong with putting the car inside, and you running outside? Is there a safe series of roads to do your running? I can't imagine gaining any much benefit from running indoors - re-breathing your own panting breath etc... when you could be out in the open.

But failing that, have you considered a re-organisation of the garage, or possibly the financial implications (as another contributor hinted) and bought a shed/lena-to for the running machine?
Benefits of garaging a car - SjB {P}
No worries, Pat, and good luck.

Seeing as you are set on this route, you might want to consider what a former neighbour of mine did.

He left the garage door fitted and intact, though it was bolted closed internally and had a draught seal fitted, and hung a heavy curtain inside it. The floor was then skimmed with a thin layer of concrete, and carpet tiles laid.

The reasons for this approach?

1) He perceived no need for planning permission as the style of the house was unchanged, even if the usage of that 'room' was.

2) The style of the house remained intact rather than 'contrived' as often happens with garage conversions.

3) When he came to sell the house, buyers who wanted another room would be just as interested as those who wanted the garage back.

4) As well as improving aesthetics internally, the curtain helped absorb the noise of clanking weights (he had a multigym) as well as insulating against heat radiated from the metal door.

5) He could still use the room as a utility room when doing DIY, and with the garagae door still fitted, could easily bring large objects (such as boxed fridges or whatever) inside for unpacking.

6) You may have another benefit in that you can leave the electric door mechanism intact both as a selling point, and for security (more difficult to force the door if it uses a screw jack principle).

Just some thoughts....

Benefits of garaging a car - KB.
SjB has raised points which are most familiar.

When we moved in here we needed the garage as a room and so the newly built, integral garage became the only garage in the street with plastered walls and ceiling, lights, skirting, radiator, double glazed windows, phone point, tiled floor etc. The door was sealed by use of 'Blockwork' with wardrobes across the front. The council wouldn't permit permanent use as a room due to it's policy of not losing garages or off road parking in the district.

After a change in circumstances its now reverted to storing the Yaris and what a luxury it is. Electric door is a real treat and frosty mornings are no problem.

If you really must use it as a fitness room then so be it but I'd look at all the options good and hard before changing. Remember that, despite the best of intention, we all start various keep fit enterprises but most lose interest after a while. We've all done it. Try using it as a 'gym' for a while without doing too much alteration and see if you think you'll keep it up.
Benefits of garaging a car - mare
Another variant of this idea is to erect a timber stud partition about 1m inside the garage door, with a lockable door. Front part becomes store for dirty outdoor items e.g. mower, bin etc and inside for whatever you like.

I have nevered garaged any of our cars, cars don't seem to rust like they used to and fitting them in and getting out is a nightmare.
Benefits of garaging a car - matt35 {P}
John R
Reminds me of the old Irishman - his Doctor asked 'How about your sex life?'....
'Now Pat - would you be using that as a verb or an adverb?'
Benefits of garaging a car - Blue {P}
I can vouch for the electric garage doors been more secure. Our last house had a screw jack type electric door, when someone tried to burgle our garage they pulled the door so hard that the handle came off, not content with that, they pulled at the base of the door so hard that the entire door bent out of shape, but they still didn't force it open! :-)

Benefits of garaging a car - Cliff Pope
It must also depend on how long you are going to keep the car. Look at 10-year old cars and you can immediately pick the ones that have been garaged. Rust-free, shiny paint, rubber bits still not perished. I like the previous owners of my cars to have garaged them, but I'm not sure they were all that bothered either way.
Benefits of garaging a car - Pat L
Lots of good, and conflicting, advice guys!

Ian, I know it seems a bit strange to run inside but do you remember what the British climate is like? Perhaps if I can get back into shape I might venture out on the roads etc.

The shame of the matter is that if the garage was just a couple of feet longer it could accommodate the running machine and the car.

I think I'll give it a go for a couple of months and see how it works. If, as winter sets in, I'm not adhering to my fitness regime then I'll revert to putting the car in the garage.


Benefits of garaging a car - Dynamic Dave
Your insurance premium will probably increase slightly, even
in a low risk area.

You'd have thought so wouldn't you? When I checked with DL online, it was £15 a year cheaper to leave my car on the street or driveway as opposed to in a garage.
Benefits of garaging a car - Rob C
I found that too, £15 would just about buy a good padlock for the garage door.

Pat, if you do change your insurance, could you update us on the increase in cost, because the cynic in me thinks it will be more than £15 when you park out, rather than in.

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