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any advice on this ? - welshy
Hi all . Im thinking about buying a Peugeot 405 Mi16 Le`mans , its on an M plate . As its a Le`mans it has a 2.0 16 valve engine as apposed to the earlier 1.9 16 valve , as some of you may know .

The price of the car sounds about right to me , but I need to know all of your thoughts please about the car . I have been searching the internet about these cars , but I have not been able to find any information .

My one other choice is a Cavalier 2.5 V6 , your thoughts please ?
any advice on this ? - Pugugly {P}
Cavslier - Cheaper parts and an all round more relaible car. (and a nice engine sound to boot)
any advice on this ? - Dynamic Dave
Yep, I second the Cavalier. However it will more than likely suffer *soggy* suspension just like its smaller engined friends which lets down the handling for a powerful car. Soon remedied with some gas shocks all round though.
any advice on this ? - Hugo {P}
Yep, I second the Cavalier.

Now there's a surprise Dave!


any advice on this ? - DavidHM
It'd be surprising to hear me back it up.

I think the 405 is by far the nicer car, but if I was going to run one of these every day, it would have to be the Cav.

With a weekly cam belt change :-)
any advice on this ? - LongDriver {P}
If you go for the Pug, make sure you carry a large box in the boot, to collect all the bits which fall off.

Mind you, on an M plate, most of the trim/interior/accessories/swiches will be long gone (ulness the present owner has them all in the boot???)
advice needed again please - welshy
Sorry for asking again but , I have the opportunity of buying either a Peugeot 405 le`mans on an "M" plate 1994 not much history with the car but seems genuine enough .
Or a BMW 525i , on an "F" plate 1989 I think it is , that has nearly full BMW service history , some main dealer and some BMW specialists .
Both cars have approx 110,000 miles . I really do like the Le`Mans 405 as it seems to be rare .

Please help me out in deciding, I have had Peugeots before but never had a BMW .

Advice is needed fairly quckly as the purchase of a car is happening this weekend .
advice needed again please - footy_72
what about my honda? did you get the photos?


advice needed again please - madf
Hmm what a choice.

Well the BMW MUST be spot on mechanically: watch for head and valve gear noises/oil leaks. If well maintained and looke dafter should be good for 150k plus. Is it manual or auto? The latter should last better. Are the disks OK? Check for radiator leaks and Aircon/heater working. A good one is great: a bad one is a huge liability.

Peugoet? Dunno: frankly sound sdue for much expense.

Get sellers to HPI both.. check obvious tyres and rust and brake lines ..

Given the age I would not buy the Peugeot: likely to be due to fall apart due to lack of maintenance...Rare may mean very expensive spares: check avalability and price FIRST!
advice needed again please - welshy
Thanks very much for the replies . No I didnt get the photos of the Honda , im not to sure weather I want a Honda to be honest . The BMW is a manual gearbox , both cars are around the £1000 mark . God im so confused now into what to do !Aparently the air con in the BMW doesnt work , owner said it may need a regass ?

advice needed again please - welshy

This is the BMW in question .
advice needed again please - lordwoody
I'd go for the BMW. Is the seller a dealer? "Drives superb" is a bit of a dodgy dealer giveaway remark. It also happens to be my pet hate in car ads .
advice needed again please - lordwoody
I also meant to add that the BMW in your link has nearer 150K miles
advice needed again please - Aprilia
On the BMW watch for cooling system problems - BMW cooling systems are a bit marginal and these engines had a reputation for cyl. head problems.
Also bear in mind that the E32 can suffer various electrical problems including problems with the 'Check Control' module and the instrument pack (the electrolytic capacitors rupture/dry out). Look at the spaghetti under the rear seat.
If the aircon 'needs a regass' I would assume it has a serious fault that would not be economic to repair, may also use R12 (obsolete).
All in all the BMW could be a money pit unless it is in really good nick.
If want reliability a Honda might be best....... ;-)
advice needed again please - THe Growler
My pet hates where I live:

"Seller motivated"
"Fully loaded"
"Very fresh"
"Nothing to fix"

....but I do laud the honest "condition as is, where is"!

advice needed again please - Andrew-T
If you can't choose between the cars, choose between the owners and the cars' history.
advice needed again please - joe
Both of these cars look like potential money pits, and I reckon you will be lucky to get a years motoring out of either of them. If you are happy to pay a grand for a years motoring (which isn't too bad really)and are happy to take the risk that something major might go wrong with either car next week that is uneconomic to repair, go with the car that most excites you.

Personally, I would go with the Beemer, but there is nothing particularly practical or logical about my choice!
advice needed again please - welshy
Thanks for the honesty and the replies you have given me . What about buying a "J" plate Honda Accord 2.0i , it has a manual gearbox and apparently a full service history upto the present mileage of approx. 90,000 miles .
Ive never had a Honda before , is this a better buy than the 405 or bmw ?

Sorry to ask again , but im no mechanic and need the advice please .
advice needed again please - Aprilia
Personally I would go for the Honda - subject to the usual checks etc. Assuming it has got a 'proper' service history it could prove to be good for many more miles. Bear in mind that if it does go wrong in a big way it will be scrap, although applies to the other two as well.
advice needed again please - bradgate
Agreed. I have owned a couple of high mileage Hondas and neither car let me down or produceded any big bills. Of your 3 options the Honda sounds like the safest option.
advice needed again please - bradgate
Agreed. I have owned a couple of high mileage Hondas and neither car let me down or produceded any big bills. Of your 3 options the Honda sounds like the safest bet.

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