French Halogen lamps - Paul Whitehead
I've bought some 75/100 watt halogen head lamps {bulbs} in a French supermarket.

They are excellent ? much brighter the standard 55 / 60 watt {main / full} sold over here ? they almost burn the paint of the car in front if you get too close.

They get so hot that they melted the glue on my Montego's indicator lenses. Now put them in my Volvo 940 - no problems.

Both cars passed the MoT with these lamps fitted ? but are they legal in this country?
Uprated bulbs - David Lacey
Hi Paul,

In short, No.

MOT, no problems, as long as the beam pattern is OK

They contavene the Vehicle Contstruction and use Regulations.
But I have not heard of the uprated headlamp bulb police, yet.

But, technically, even if it improves night vision and therefore everybody's ultimate safety, using these bulbs is illegal.

Another stupid rule & regulation.


Re: Uprated bulbs - Roger Keene
I think you will find that there is no max. wattage stated in the C&U Regulations, but there is a minimum value required for headlights.
Uprated bulbs - David Lacey
Then why were PIAA UK telling me these lovely bulbs rated at 100/135W are illegal in the UK?
BTW, they were in Japanese packaging and priced at £60!!

Kind regards

Uprated bulbs r stoopid. - Guy Lacey
Not a stoopid regulation if you happen to be the poor sod driving in the opposite direction (Dave "Fog-Light" Lacey).

Also, it doesn't help those of us who treat extra-bright lights as a clue to potential jam-sandwich.

Dave, do you remember those "extra-bright" bulbs we fitted to the fastest Golf in the South-West? They lasted about 3 months. Cr*p.
Front fog lamps - doh! - David Lacey
Yes, I was guilty of that when I was a youngster - I thought front fog lamps were the ultimate fashion accessory!! Until I burnt them out! Remember?

Not that I would do such a thing now, of course!

Re: French Halogen lamps - John Slaughter
One problem with these high wattage bulbs is that the larger filaments reduce the focussing acuracy of the lamp. Hence, while they look good from behind, the lamps create more dazzle to oncoming cars. The better option is the use of standard wattage xenon gas bulbs (£10 each from halfords for an H4). No dazzle, no extra load on the wiring and no trouble with overheated lamps.


Re: French Halogen lamps - Rebecca
I couldn't find reference to maximum wattage either.

Can someone tell me who/what PIAA UK is please?
PIAA - Guy Lacey
Professional halogen lamp specialists with a forte for Motorsport (they used to sponsor the Arrows team methinks....?)
Motorsport & Toleman - Brian
Talking of motorsport does anyone know what became of a guy called Ted Toleman?.
Back in the 70's I worked on his company, Toleman's Delivery Service whose main business was shipping Fords from Dagenham to dealers by road and rail.
The business originally started up in Dagenham, outside Ford's gates, where they had a dealership, Imperial Garage, which sold VWs.
They were very successful in the car delivery trade and ran a F1 motor racing team, which was eventually bought out by Benneton. Some of the present and recent top drivers raced for them.
Ted (actually Norman Edward) Toleman was chairman at that time.
Tolemans Delivery Service joined up, I believe, with their main rivals, Silcock and Colling, whose main business was delivering British Leyland, forming a company called Axiel, whose vehicles I sometimes still see. Until recently some of the older vehicles had the original Toleman identification marks.
By this time I had no connection with the company, but came across Ted Toleman's name in my present job a couple of years ago, but with "address unknown".
Strange for what was such a high profile fellow in those days.
Sport & Toleman - David Woollard

Is/was he big in monster powerboat racing?

Re: Sport & Toleman - Brian
Yes, he was. Raced offshore biggies. Met him by chance down in Poole one day when I was on holiday and he landed in his (company) helicopter.

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