Galaxy/Sharan replacement - Ivor E Tower
Anyone have any ideas when the Galaxy and Sharan are likely to be replaced, and with what? There seems to be no news on this in the motoring magazines, other than VW microbus which is likely to be sold at a premium over the Sharan as a lifestyle vehicle (cashing in on the retro theme, like the "new" beetle).
Galaxy/Sharan replacement - LongDriver {P}
The Galaxy is apparently being replaced in 2005 at the earliest. According to wherever it was I read it, the Ford replacement won't be a Galshambra/Sharamaxy/Allaxon clone, but will apparently be a "Mondeo D-max", built in house, rather than being built by VW. Presumably VW/Seat will facelift the current offering or replace at a similar time???

The Spanish plant where the Galaxy is cloned is no longer part owned by Ford, so the relationship can't go no forever.

Seeing as the only Ford parts in the current offering seem to be a stereo, a 2.3 petrol engine and a blue oval badge, I can't see Ford can be making a lot out of these at the moment, even though they apparently outsell the combined totals of Sharan and Alhambra by 2:1, given the near £5000 discount you can get off most models. Most sold are probably (VW engined) diesels anyway.

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