Peugeot 306XSi jerking problems - mwills72
I have a 1998 306 XSi, recently i have noticed the car jerking when Im traveling at a constant speed, but when I accelerate it seems fine. It has also stalled on me when pullig off. i have read some forums and some people say it could be the stepping motor....I just wanted to check before I went and ordered one.
Peugeot 306XSi jerking problems - Gregory P
Do you use the car for very short journey?s? If you do, it could be that the injectors may be blocked and the car may need an Italian tune up. Also, adding an injector cleaner to the fuel may be the answer. My father had the same problem, whereby the car jerked and stalled on him on many occasions. Once he did this, it removed this annoying problem. My advice would be to try this before opting for the stepping motor.

Also, adding to this point. Anyone with an older diesel that fails the emissions test and does very short town journeys can be easily sorted by the Italian tune up method as mentioned. It also reduces exhaust smoke. I found this advise from the magazine CAR MECHANICS and HJ seems to recommend this as well.
Peugeot 306XSi jerking problems - mwills72
it was not a short journey.....i had been traveling for over 100 miles...but it also does it on short journey's too
Peugeot 306XSi jerking problems - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Lazy Oxygen sensor can cause these symptoms, needs to be checked on an oscilloscope. As the sensor cycles between rich and lean, on the lean cycle it will make the engine hesitate slightly with the occasional soft 'miss'. Also if you pull away with the sensor dallying in the lean cycle it will give problems.

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