Institute of Advanced Motorists - Dude - {P}
There has been much discussion on this forum over recent weeks of road rage and inconsiderate drivers, I was wondering how many members of the B.R. are actually members of the I.A.M., and whether they feel their membership has improved their driving techniques and anticipation of potential accidents and bad driving by other road users.????
Institute of Advanced Motorists - KB.
Been a member since I was 17 (now 52). Also, what was then, League of Safe drivers (Class 1) run by Rospa I believe.

Can't claim to be an angel and whilst I may have a lot more experience now than I did when I was 17 there are obviously areas I could and would be picked up for. But essentially, even after all this time, it serves best of all to remind me to think back to the principles I was taught from the Roadcraft book and to try to maintain a standard. Touch wood - still have clean licence and max NCB so it must have helped a bit. If I do something silly I , afterwards, tell myself that that wouldn't have got me through a test and do feel a bit ashamed of myself.

I'm far from perfect but it definitely has helped during all that time. And what is 100% definite is that when I WAS 17 it saved me from most of the usual bad behaviour to be expected from someone of that age and which is currently on display on any road, not far from you, as we speak.
Institute of Advanced Motorists - matt35 {P}
Your profile suggests to me that you should join us.
If you get involved, not only does YOUR driving become safer and more relaxed - you can go on to helping others as an Observer.
As Trevor P has commented, doing the IAM is one step on the way, next is RoSPA....and beyond, if you get hooked on handling a car properly!
Contact your local IAM Group and have an assesment drive?
Institute of Advanced Motorists - Gregory P
I am completing the advanced motorists course now and I think it will eventually make me a better driver. The fact that I want to improve my driving means that I acknowledge that I need to improve my driving skills, so in theory it makes me a better driver as I will drive less confidently and more slowly.

I also completed the pass plus course, which ironed out many of my driving faults in the first place. The advanced driving course helps me to drive for economy and drive more smoothly. My driving in general is quite good at this point anyway.

However, I think that the ultimate way to improve driving is to ride a motorbike in central london. It seems easy, but involves a lot of observations, anticipation etc, and if you can stand central london during rush hour, then there aren't many other situations that I have found more difficult. The couriers seem to take too many risks in london and overtake too quickly, hence they have many accidents. Personally, it took me a long time to ride in central london since you get more than a couple near misses.
Institute of Advanced Motorists - Deryck Tintagel
What exactly is the Pass Plus course? I have seen this on the on-line application forms for motor insurance but don't know what it is. Is it aimed at new drivers?

I have had the application form for the IAM about a year now and still haven't done anything about it - one of a number of things I intended to do this year but others get in the way. I have read a few books giving advice on better driving at feel that I am at least part of the way to the IAM test but further tuition wouldn't go amiss.
Institute of Advanced Motorists - Jonathan {p}
My father 'forced' my brother and sister and I to join IAM (the only reason I say that is because the meetings were at 10am on sunday mornings).

I thoroughly enjoyed it, I passed the test when I was about 20, it certainly did improve my driving, even though I have now lapsed back into some bad habits, I still think my observation skills are better than most, but my driving could be smoother.

Institute of Advanced Motorists - Thommo
Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists. Not car.
Institute of Advanced Motorists - pdc {P}
I joined the IAM because I knew that my driving was not up to scratch. They certainly changed my driving attitude, but not as much as driving around with a friends 6 month old (now 21 month old) baby in the car did. The responsibility for that child really does make me a much better driver.
Institute of Advanced Motorists - GolfR_Caravelle_S-Max
Joined after driving over 100,000 miles / year for 4 years and some 45K/p.a. for the next 6. It brought to light the benefits of "reading ahead", vanishing point observation when cornering and lots of things that make one a safer and better driver.

Am now 30. I want to make 70!
Note; "Safer" and not necessarily "slow". I travel up a 15 mile NSL road twice a day on a 120mile commute. Often, chains of vehicles are held behind trucks or ni$$an Micras doing 38mph .... With the observation, right conditions, and lack of oncoming traffic, as well a planning of contingencies ("What iff a deer jumped out... etc" and of course the right power band, most drivers SHOULD be able to maintain a safe, smooth, progressive pace, including overtaking. However, no-one does. And if you do, you are seen as an a$$h0l3 by the other drivers who may start gesticulating or, as hapened the other day, get into a 5 mile chase with GBH being the intent...

People should do it to improve the lives of everyone, but I also think that drivers shouldl be made to cycle or scooter for several weeks to strenghthen the "vulnerability awareness" of other road users not in "cages".

Rant over.

Back into hibernation, having given some fuel for talk.

Institute of Advanced Motorists - Gregory P
Thommo: I am doing the advanced driving for Car drivers. I also own a motorbike as well as a car.

The Pass plus course is aimed at those who have just passed their test, and includes night driving, town driving, motorway driving and country side driving each including one hours tuition. It costs £100, but reduced my insurance premium by half for the first year and allowed me to insure a two litre vehicle after passing. And it cost little more than a dreadful Nova or fiesta.

Anyone thinking about completing an IAM course, it becomes an option once you know that the observations are free and the observers come to your address. The test, however, costs money (£45 approx), and you need to use your own transport and pay for the fuel yourself. There is also a small registration fee.

I have had two observations so far, and have been told I will be able to take the test after three more observations. In general, my driving was OK in the first instance, but now I am becoming more competent in general. I think the general rule to knowing at what stage you are in driving is:
How many accidents you have been involved in that were your fault
How many times has a driver flashed their lights at you, or beeped or become aggressive because of your driving
Do you drive safely in general, and do passengers comment on your poor driving.

The more the above happens to you, the worse you are at driving. Those who join IAM are usually good drivers anyway who know they need to improve. Unfortunately, the institute doesn?t improve the general quality of driving in the country because those who drive badly seem to think they are very good drivers anyway and say they don?t need training.

Sorry about my rambling. Hope this helps or makes someone think.
Institute of Advanced Motorists - matt35 {P}
For info - the current cost of joining the IAM is £50-00 - this is £15-00 annual sub and £35-00 for the test - there is a £10-00 reduction for under 26 years of age.
The test is conducted by serving or retired holders of the Police Class 1 Driving Certificate - lasts about one and a half hours over around 35 miles of mixed traffic conditions.
It is not mandatory, but you may wish to join a local IAM Group before taking the test - our local Group fee is £35-00 including £10-00 annual subs - we supply the books 'Pass Your Advanced Driving Test', 'Know Your Traffic Signs' and the 'Highway Code' - value £11-98. Currently our Group is waiving the £35-00 for under 26 drivers.
We look at an average of 6 drives, in your car, with an Observer to get you to Test standard, from a place and time convenient to you and the Observer, weekdays, weekends, evenings..there is no charge for these drives.
If you show aptitude/interest, you may be invited to train as an Observer - unpaid, but satisfying - I am currently working with a teenager after 14 drives - this would have cost him (?) £400 and he will save on his insurance.
It is also magic, when you see him understand the limit point and make the car flow, and to make him a more relaxed and a SAFER driver, hopefully, for the rest of his life.
As Delboy would say - 'You know it makes sense'.
Institute of Advanced Motorists - Dude - {P}
Thanks for the detailed information Matt35, just out of interest, what sort of discount on insurance premiums, could one negotiate after passing the advanced test ??
Institute of Advanced Motorists - KB.
If I may quickly butt in to answer this. Personally, I've never in 35 years used any of the companies that offer discount. Always found someone cheaper/better than the prescibed firms. There is a broker advertised in Milestones, the IAM publication, which offers the quotes though, so it's not difficult to compare like with like.

Back to Matt.......
Institute of Advanced Motorists - matt35 {P}
The current magazine 'Advanced Driving' gives IAM Select Insurance - AON Ltd - 08457-023160.
They got me the 14% reduction two years ago when I was with Norwich Union - when I got the policy, it was still with Norwich Union.
Out of curiosity - what is Milestones, is this published by a local Group?
Institute of Advanced Motorists - KB.
Matt, Milestones is what I\'ve always known their thrice? yearly magazine as. See....

in which the following is to be found........

\"Details of the IAM
... Further secondary advantages are also available to Members through the IAM magazine
\"Milestones\" which is published three times a year and sent to all Members\"

As found by typing \"IAM Milestones\" in to Google.

Institute of Advanced Motorists - matt35 {P}
I will ask some questions of older members - in the meantime - thinking of MILLSTONES - I remembered a task my wife gave me which I had forgotten - Thanks.
Never drive faster than your Angel can fly!
Institute of Advanced Motorists - matt35 {P}
I cannot give a percentage - but my personal car insurance reduced by 12% this year over last year and 14% last year over the year before.The in house IAM Insurance Service was a bit hopeless a few years ago but seems to have wakened up.
When I was with Norwich Union Direct, I also got a worthwhile discount but had to work at it with them.

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