Removing Mondeo Front Bumper - Baldrick-uk
Hi all

I did a quick search for this and couldn't find anything. Basically a friend of mines Mondeo failed the MOT for 'yellow' headlights. Evidently the reflectors go yellow after a time, I have got the parts, the ford info is

Lens 7304999 price 15.16 plus vat and
Lens 7304997 price 19.45 plus vat

In case anyone else needs these.

My problem is that i've got to remove the bumper to gain access to the light unit clips or do I??

If so what's the best way to attack this/where are the attachment points.

Ta in advance.

Removing Mondeo Front Bumper - Immst24
This subject has been covered on the Mondeo Enthusiasts Group

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Removing Mondeo Front Bumper - Baldrick-uk
Cheers, sorted.

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