VW Build Quality (Passat) - wonderwheels
Maybe it's because my car is "doing my head in" but I am just interested as to how many people are actually happy about their VW's. My 2001 1.9TDi Passat has gave me nothing but grief since I took ownership of it approx 13 months ago. I have just been told today that it now needs a new Turbo. OK, so it's under Warranty but it has been in and out of the dealership about 13 times in just over a year. I simply wouldn't buy another VW never mind a Passat and can't see why they cost more compared to other makes.It certainly can't be for reliabilty. My list of faults consists of;

New back window (3 elements failed)
New indicator switch (indicators failed)
New alarm sensors
New boot struts
New dashboard (couldn't resolve the "creaking" after 7 attempts)

Now a new Turbo unit.

Not bad for a 17 month old car!!!!. You pays your money........
VW Build Quality (Passat) - JohnM{P}
Problems encountered during the 135k+ of my R TDi110 Passat:

- boot jammed shut - dealer fixed while I waited
- new airbag pcb required
- never got the heated seats to work thermostatically (either on or off)
- n/s driveshaft failed at 90k
- Radio MW developed hum when lights on
The above were fixed under warranty (3 years, 95k approx)

- all 4 front suspension arms replaced, from 105k onwards
- side seat airbag replaced
- catalyst failed at 125k (got exchange unit from VW, fitted by VW specialist independent)
- disks all round replaced (120k approx)
- front tyres lasted me 28k per set (Michelins)

Still looks good, with no rattles or creaks(unlike my current company Golf...), touch wood! My only real dissatisfaction was the door lock weakness (car broken into in London)

Perhaps I've been lucky (and I have a good VW dealer); friends' and colleagues' newer Passats do seem to be of more variable quality though...
VW Build Quality (Passat) - Aprilia
Driveshaft failure and suspension arm failure are fairly common.
The fact that discs lasted 120k suggest you drove it gently or on the motorway most of the time. Discs typically last a lot less than 120k !!
VW Build Quality (Passat) - Sooty Tailpipes
My Dad had a new Passat in 1998, it was rubbish, rattles, squeaks, clunks behind the dash, hestitated when cold, and the indicators stopped working after about 15 months and I removed the lamp to fit a new bulb and both sides were a rusty as a 15 year old Alegro\'s at a scrap yard. By the time he sold it after about 3 years, the Alloys were corroded to death and the bodywork has tiny rust dots around the rubber seals. Then more recently I met a girl with a Lupo, that was just as bad with all the same problems,

Just shows the power of misleading marketing!
VW Build Quality (Passat) - JohnM{P}
Have just rechecked the leasing company records - the 120k was correct for the disks... First 100k was predominately 110mile round trip commute, half motorway, half Forest of Dean fun roads. I try to drive with mechanical sympathy and economically (at 30-35k a year it makes a difference!) but I'm no Reggie Molehusband slowcoach. Fuel consumption was never worse than 45mpg, normally 50mpg or more, (brim to brim calcualation), during this time.
VW Build Quality (Passat) - Malcolm_L
Sorry to hear about your problems - I also have a 2001 1.9PD Passat - boot lock failed, replaced under warranty. Now on 45k, averages 44mpg on fast motorway runs nothing rattles, very happy with it.

17 month old card which you've owned for 13 months, I wonder what happened in the first 4 months, could it have been a rejected car which was punted out for a quick sale?

Comparing other cars, Renault Laguna has had its fair share of problems and Mondeo TDCI problems are a regular feature on this site.

Which have just released their reliability study on cars and have noted that all German marques are becoming less reliable.
Mercedes in particular dropped badly.

VW Build Quality (Passat) - timp
My neighbour's Passat (2003) gearbox failed after 1000 miles.

They were eventually given a new Passat after a lot of hassle.
VW Build Quality (Passat) - jonf
I've had a Passat Tdi for the last three years and it has been a complete pain in the rear. Front suspension arms replaced, climate rarely works ('fixed' five times, now needs a new compressor), starting problems, body problems, etc etc. Parts are very expensive and my local dealer is appalling. It has been in about a dozen times, on they have never got it right on any occasion, there is always something wrong. When I complained to VW they were not in the slightest bit interested, and simply sent my letter of complaint back to the dealer I was complaining about! I'll never buy a VW again - have just replaced it with a Mitsubishi.
VW Build Quality (Passat) - Ivor E Tower
I have a Ford Galaxy basically built by VW in Portugal on same production lines as their Sharan, with VW 1.9TDI engine. Bought used at 2 years old. Several rattles that come and go, major failure of several bits of the airconditioning system, fortunately covered by the warranty, some flimsy bits of trim and others that don't fit properly. Trim marks easily. I'm not impressed with the VW quality of this vehicle and doubt that I'd ever buy a VW based on my experiences so far. If only Honda made a good MPV with a diesel engine! My 1985 Honda, owned from new, that I traded in for the Galaxy in May2003 was better built and gave less trouble over 18 years that the VW-built Galaxy has given in 4 months. That must say something for Honda and VW quality!

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