thoughts on golf mrk2 - Woosey
looking at the 8v Gti, hopefully from 1990+ so big bumpers

any thought on this car? budget is around £700

thanks :)
thoughts on golf mrk2 - DavidHM
There is precisely one big bumper one in AutoTrader that is not obviously a wreck for anything like your budget.

Great cars but anything sub £1k is almost certain to have been thrashed, modified, neglected or otherwise abused. They're tough but even the newest are twelve years old so they're not invincible.

You might find one for your budget, but look hard, be fussy, and don't take just anything because it's a GTi.
thoughts on golf mrk2 - Woosey
im not intrested in JUST the gti, although its preferred due to being injected, the 1.6 driver would be of intrest, it has to be fairly powerful for motorways and its going to be hauling a lot of weight most of the time, with the boot being huge, this helps :)
thoughts on golf mrk2 - Ben {P}
If you dont have much cash buy a jetta


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