Volvo 240 cat removal - Dan J
Have searched the forum but can't find the definitive answer I am looking for.

1990 Volvo 240 "Lambda Sond" - i.e. car is fitted with fuel injection and a catalytic convertor.

Obviously given its age the cat can be removed but is it a simple process of using the downpipe from an earlier pre-cat car or simply smashing the honeycomb out of it with a broomstick a la HJ's advice? Anyone know if this car would need an ECU remap or would it be able to work life out for itself?

My only concern is I'd not want to adversely affect the performance of the car.

Cheers in advance - Dan J
Volvo 240 cat removal - David Davies
The oxygen sensor must remain in the exhaust system and be connected up and working properly if you are going to remove the cat.From memory the sensor is positioned just ahead of the cat in the same exhaust section so if you fit a non cat exhaust you'd have to provide a threaded fitting for the sensor.It would probably be easier to remove the existing honeycombe.
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)
Volvo 240 cat removal - Peter D
I assume you need to remove the Cat due to a Cat Failure and blockage ?? if so the best solution will be to rake out the contents of the Cat. There is a gauze fore and aft that you will have to get out then rake the honeycomb out. Do not damage or pollute the sensor, best remove it.

The decreased back pressure may fool the ECU for a while at tick over, but will learn to cope. Should you choose to remove the Cat completely then you will need a new down pipe and first section to the rear axle box, plus some engineering to install the Lambda sensor in the pipe not easy.

I would ask you why you need to do this. I have had rear boxes block themselves and cause high back pressure but not a Cat failure on this old work horse. I am on my second 240, the first was sold to be exported to Russia and I own one of the last 50 240 SE Estates to be made. Regards Peter
Volvo 240 cat removal - Dan J
Thanks for the replies so far...

David - Interesting info. I knew the oxygen sensor had to be left in but wasn't sure if I'd need an ECU remap as some cars don't tolerate it well. Easiest way to find out it to try I guess!

Peter - Thanks for that also. Hopefully the ECU will sort itself out. In answer to your question, I am hopefully just about to come into ownership of this car though also have the offer of a pre-Lambda Sond one. On previous cars I have owned the cat has always been a problem area and I was told on this one it should get a few more MPG and slightly better performance after removal. Given I don't actually need the thing in I thought I'd investigate how difficult it would be to remove it. Will probably just remove it from it's current casing as new downpipes etc etc are too much hassle and expense.
Volvo 240 cat removal - Peter D
I would not bother taking off a perfectly good Cat in the believe it will improve performance or MPG of this series of engine. The 240 is not exactly renowned for either of these qualities.
Removing the Cat may improve performance above 4500 rpm but you have trouble detecting it and the 240 fuel consumption for my 2L E200 series engine it 27 MPG it always turns in 27 unless I do a lot of motorways when 29 has been common.

If you were to try and improve the performance your mpg would fall anyway as they are more than a bit mutually exclusive. Regards Peter
Volvo 240 cat removal - Peter D
I note you refer to Lamdba Sond are you sure that had a Cat. The original Lamda Sond was a gase control valve that under acceleration and high speed cruise a percentage of exhaust gas was fed back into the inlet air. This help reduce emisions and improve MPG. Regards Peter
Volvo 240 cat removal - Peter D
More info the 240 engine B200F and "B230F had a cat from 08/89
but Lamba Sond predated this even back to 83 I beleive. Peter
Volvo 240 cat removal - Cliff Pope
A small garage proprietor and MOTer I know says he has never had a Volvo cat fail. Mine (93 240 Torslanda) has just passed its emissions test easily, with 280,000 miles on the clock.
Incidentally I get an easy 32 mpg, 35 if I am careful on a long run.
27mpg is what I used to get from an 83 with the Pierburg carb.
Volvo 240 cat removal - Peter D
I Agree Cliff, Unless he has a damaged Cat due to impact of plunging into flood water than they just do not go wrong. I re-visited my petrol/mileage book and I only show a nominal 29 mpg not 27 and 32 on a really good few hundred mile run, mind you that will be at 70/75 and I guess up here in Scotland we have a lot of hills to climb. Regards Peter
Volvo 240 cat removal - Dan J
Many thanks Cliff and Peter.

I am obviously worrying about nothing so thank you for putting my mind at rest. I'll leave everything as is (if it ain't broke...) but should anything untoward happen I'll worry about removing the thing then.

This is what happens when you're used to driving Vauxhalls!!

Just realised Cliff - you're about in the Volvo Club forum as well :) Will let you know how I get on with new purchase as/when I get it

Cheers - Dan
Volvo 240 cat removal - Peter D
Which Volvo Club Forum. Please provide link.
Volvo 240 cat removal - Dan J
Hi Peter

The Volvo Owners Club of Great Britain has a fantastic website, friendly club and helpful forum plus many useful articles. I am not currently a member of the club (will change that soon when I get the Volvo) but you can access much of the site regardless.

Hope it is of interest!

Dan J
Volvo 240 cat removal - Dan J
Cliff, one question you may also be able to help me with, what is the change interval for the cambelt on these engines? Also I assume they are "non-interference" in that if the belt snapped no damage would be done?

Thanks in anticipation of your answer!
Volvo 240 cat removal - neil
50k miles. Not sure whether non-interference - I suspect not - ie will cause damage. Its an absolute doddle to do, with a coupel of feet of space to work in once you get the fan shroud off - contrast with the 'gynaecology' needed on most transverse stuff!
Volvo 240 cat removal - pettaw
I would check in the Volvo Club Forum (I post there also - small world) there should be someone who knows there. If there's no reply on the 200 forum, try the 700 forum and apologise for posting in the wrong place. Engines of the same number should be identical no matter which model they're fitted to.

I do agree with Neil though. Changing is a doddle when you've got the correct procedure. Not looking forward to changing the belt on the V40. Microsurgery springs to mind :)
Volvo 240 cat removal - Peter D
75 K from memory but will check when in the garage. Peter

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