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Hi all

after a trip to Edinburgh this weekend, I noticed on a gantry on the A74(m) a set of what looked like cameras. They looked like the blue roadside monitors that are prevalant around blackpool but they were grey. Also there were across the whole gantry and were 2 high, there must have been about 40 of them in total, anyone got any ideas what they are?

Also I must take my hat off the girl who was driving the white pug 106 on the way up on Saturday afternoon, way to go, stay in lane 3 all the way! She only pulled over when someone came up behind her, then she pulled back into the fast lane once they had overtaken. Wouldn't be so bad, but she was only doing a jot over 70. (almost as bad as the couple in the opentop crx who never went into lane 1 EVER despite no traffic for 2 miles.

A74 (M) - Jonathan {p}
Forgot to mention, there are 2 sets, one northbound, one southbound, they are on different bridges.
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One set is M6 northbound, near J41, the other set is M74 southbound, near Gretna.

They're definitely NOT speed cameras, but are more likely to be data collection for traffic flows, possibly to do with the planning of the upgrade of the A74 "Cumbria Gap" between the M6 and the M74 or an experimental site.

They've been there for years.

I have passed the J41 set doing (ahem) mph every day for the last 3 years, by the way!
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According to google this is for testing tolls...


In case the link doesn't work here's the message...:

Correct Andrew, the M6 in Scotland (Previously the M74) is a DBFO using
shadow tolling.

The equipment used is supplied by Golden River Traffic and uses the video
cams for verification.
The video is compared against the output of the counter/classifiers (using
loops in the road) and
the accuracy has to meet certain specs.

The A1-M1 link uses the same system, with the cams connected via fibre to
the control centre.

The M40 J1-15, A19 Dishforth to Tyne-Tunnel and the A1(M)
Alconburry-Peterboro don't have
permanent verification equipment so every 3 months a video survey van
records the traffic flow
for 2 hours at each site.

The video is extremely boring, I have 350+ here that need watching if
anybody is having trouble

The M40 tolling sites use the Vodaphone Data Network (aka Paknet) for
transfer of data on
a daily basis to the Instation. We could not persuade BT to supply land
lines for a decent price.

Simon Hopkins
Highways Consulting Ltd

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Cumberland Gap? Lonnie Donegan wasn't it?


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