Focus TDdi owners ................... - robert
Hi chaps,

I'm need someone who has a Focus Mk2 TDdi with a heated front screen to have a look in their under bonnet fuse box for me please as I need to clarify an ambiguity.

I need you to look & see if your car if fitted with relay K84. For some reason Ford have chosen to label this as R13 in the fuse box lid - it has an engine symbol on it.

If you open the lid of the fuse box then its in the 2nd column from the RH side. The first column has 2 large relays, the 2nd from right has space for 4 smaller relays. I'm looking to see if the 2nd one from the top of the 2nd column is fitted or not.

This is actually called the engine run relay.

Its important that its a TDdi/Endura engine NOT a TDci - and it MUST have a heated front screen.

Thanks in anticipation.



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