Inside door panel removal? Mk3 Golf. - KP
Can any one tell me how to remove the inside door panel from the rear passenger door of a VW Mark 3 Golf?

Once it is removed I need to re-connect the window to the electric winding mechanism. Any tips on that would also be welcome. I have tried but short of using a jimmy wrench in a destructive manner I has me beat.
Inside door panel removal? Mk3 Golf. - AR-CoolC
Pull off the cover of the pull handle ( the one you use to close the door ) there you will find 2 large cross head screws.
Unscrew the lock pin.
Pop off the panel, but this will be very tight. the panel sits in a slot in the inner waist rail, you can either lift the panel upwards taking the waist rail with it, or pull the panel out of the waist rail and remove it separatly.

Once the panel is off there is a thick foam membrane, either cut this neatly and carefuly with a sharp knife or try and pull it off the (very sticky) glue which is going to be like chewing gum in this heat.

Good luck
Inside door panel removal? Mk3 Golf. - catcher
Further to the previous advice re. removing panel... You mention 'reconnecting the window to the electric winding mechanism'. Not sure if a Passat is the same but when mine stopped working (but motor was trying) it was the cable in the lifter mechanism that had gone. New lifter mechanism required and is, I think, a dealer only part (approx £60). You might be lucky to get a scrap one, but I doubt it as rear elec windows are not common.

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