\'Tar\' on paintwork - Hugo {P}
Just been giving my white Xantia a bath and on the whole, it\'s come up quite well. the nearside wing and some of the door panels are a bit dull, so I was going to use T Cut on those, However, I hve noticed small specs of what looks to be tar on the painwork below the outside rubber trim. I assume this must have been as a result of driving on newly resurfaced roads.

They seem difficult to get off without smearing all over the paint and there are so many of them. normal hand washing won\'t shift them and I\'m dammed if I\'m to be attacking each one with a toothbrush!

Would T cut help here or would that make matters worse?

Any other hints (acid bath, flame thower etc ;) )


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'Tar' on paintwork - Godfrey H {P}
Just take a trip to your local car accessory shop and buy a bottle of tar remover,job done. Don't forget to repolish afterwards.
'Tar' on paintwork - Dynamic Dave
White spirit or petrol will easily shift it, and apply a good coating of wax/polish afterwards.
'Tar' on paintwork - Wales Forester
Put small blobs of car polish on the tar spots and leave for a few minutes, this usually softens them up and they shouldn't smear as much when you rub off.

Of course, trying to remove tar in hot weather seems sensible, but in reality it just means its more maleable and spreads a lot easier!

Hope that helps.

\'Tar\' on paintwork - THe Growler
Turtle Wax Tar and Bug Remover. Clean cloth, spot of polish or Armiorall to cover the debugged area, no worries, piece of pork pie.
'Tar' on paintwork - Hugo {P}
In the end the T Cut was just the job.

I went over all the panels with this stuff and, although the tar was a bit stubborn in places, it did shift it.

The car now looks like it has been completely resprayed!

Thanks for the advice everyone!

'Tar' on paintwork - J Bonington Jagworth
"a bit stubborn in places"

If the problem returns, get some Autoglym tar remover. It smells like benzene, and removes everything except the paint! It's not something I would normally have bought, but it came as part of a gift pack, and it really works.
'Tar' on paintwork - bernie
Cheapest option is a bit of parafin on a rag.
'Tar' on paintwork - Hugo {P}
This is brilliant - the replies keep coming.

Just to throw in one of my own. SWMBO suggested baby oil.

This thread should be useful should anyone else be in the same predicament.

'Tar' on paintwork - Peter D
White spirit is the best remover for tar, it evaporates slowly and does not affect paint work of lacquer. Petrol on the other hand can effect the newer water based coatings. Regards Peter.
'Tar' on paintwork - james S
I once hired a white Hyundai Atoz in crete. We drove over the mountain roads. One had been recently tarred but not stone chiped and the tar was literally running down the road. I actually thought it was water at first. That was one scarry surface to do hairpin bends on.

Anyway the little white car was literally half black in a few moments. We thought we would clean it up before taking it back. All the locals in our hotels swore by diesel, this worked a treat. Just use a soaked paper towel and smear in the diesel. comes up a treat.
'Tar' on paintwork - Mondaywoe
A long deceased friend of mine, who was in the forces during WW2 used to polish his old Rover with diesel. He said that's what they used in the army and it both protects and shines. Don't think I'll chance it on my C5 however......!

I always use white spirit for tar and suchlike - works perfectly. Good also as a pre-cleaner on a long neglected car before putting on a new coat of polish.

I also believe that the old chauffeurs used to put a spot of paraffin in their washing water to avoid streaks.


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