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Passat uneven tyre wear - Gordon Alexander
My Passat went back to the garage in April for what VW called a 'track rod end' recall (associated with the 'VAG recall' topic of 260801?) and when I got it back, noticed there was a very low frequency 'drumming' noise coming from somewhere at the front. Took it back to the garage and got a mechanic to come out with me; he confirmed that there was a possible noise coming from the nearside but it'd be very difficult to pin it down. I asked him if the noise could be associated with whatever was done at the recall but he didn't think so. Have just noticed this week, however, that about 1.5" of the outer edge of the nearside tyre has worn unevenly, suggesting that that something's out of alignment. Not being mechanically minded, could the recall work have affected the alignment on one side? The tyre wear previous to the work was even across both. Any ideas appreciated before I go and accuse the garage of not setting the car up correctly!
Re: Passat uneven tyre wear - andy bairsto
Re my recall message,Some cars were fitted with the same defective part that was already fitted.Changing the part for the proper new part is the correct way and not only involves the part swop put a complete check and reset of the front steering geometry ,it appears to me they have just changed the part which will lead to all sorts of steering and handling problems.Take your car back ar once, see the service manager and insist the work is carried out correctly,plus you require reinbursing for the tyres.
regards Andy Bairsto

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