Unused Corrado G60 - dti
I'm due to start haggling for a Corrado G60 which has been unused for around 18 months. I want to factor in relpacing.
Brake components
(supercharger was changed 2 yrs ago for £800.
Is there anything else I should allow for replacing when haggling?

Also - following the demise of vw-corrado-club.co.uk is there another site for users of the corrado?

Unused Corrado G60 - Maud-Dib
I need to point out that I have never brought a G60 so can't give you any real advice about the pitfuls of buying this machine - I have heard that it is exotic enough for you to need care when choosing one. But I do know from my many hours of surfing for exotic cars on the internet that funnily if you want a service manual for this car Haynes never made one. This is a problem if you want to do your own servicing. The only service manual available is the VW main dealer service manual which cost's a lot of money (something like £80ish).

I don't know if this is a factor in your scheme of things?!

Maybe you should someone in the Know to give it a once over?
Unused Corrado G60 - SkyMan
My brother was a VW mechanic before he moved to Oz a few years ago - anyway I always remember him telling me that if the G60 was not run on fully synthetic oil the supercharger would pop at approx 60K miles. Apparently they often had to replace them after the owner thought that they could scrimp on the oil used when servicing.
Unused Corrado G60 - DougB
dti - I think the Corrado Club site is down for financial reasons so it may be back. Their annual club meeting is at Woburn on 24th August so if you are in the area it could be worth a visit.

Regards DougB
Unused Corrado G60 - Dizzy {P}

This all sounded a bit familiar - Corrado laid up and now for sale. I searched the forum and found the following thread. Different car, but some of the comments might apply in your own situation ...



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