Omega running costs - Vin {P}
As some of the more committed members of the backroom might know, I'm an Omega driver (and not ashamed of it). I drive a 1999 2.5V6 CDX. It's used on a variety of journeys, though mainly for long motorway trips.

In the unlikely event that you're interested, I've kept a running total of bills, etc, over the past two and a half years, which you're about to hear about, like it or not.

Bought at 26,614 miles, it's now done 79,112, so I've travelled a grand total of 52,498 miles.

In that time I've spent £1,761 on servicing and repairs. Oil change every 5K, service every 10K, cambelt every 40K. That cost is a little understated, as I'm just 900 miles short of a cambelt change & service (last time £400), so let's add that in and call the servicing £2,161. (£464 of this is tyres, £167 is a repair rather than routine servicing)

Since my wife gave the car a damned good clear out, I lost a raft of petrol receipts, so all I know is the volume, which I note separately; 1693.1 gallons. This comes out at a rather exact 31 mpg. Every mile has been aircon on, not really sparing the horses. If petrol were always at this morning's price of 73.9ppl, this would come to £5,688 on fuel. I suspect this understates a little.

Then, of course, there's depreciation. The car cost me £9,250. What's it worth now? £4,250 perhaps? Dunno, but I'm open to suggestions. Am I overstating or understating it?

So, it seems to me like I've got a total running cost of £12,849, or 25.5p per mile. I think that's pretty good value for the old beast, and not bad for a big cruiser that has been reliable bar the camshaft sensor going.

According to my computer in the car, I've spent 1,227 hours with the engine running (33 working weeks!) at an average speed of 43mph.

Strangest servicing fact? At my first oil change at 27K miles, I asked the garage to look at the brake pads, which they estimated to be 6,000 miles from the knacker's yard. Still going strong.

Even now, when I go out of my house in the morning with a long drive ahead, *every single time* I look forward to getting behind the wheel. Odd.


Omega running costs - Daz
Glad you've done ok with yours.

I bought my Omega 2.0 16V GLS N plate 70k with full VSH for £2900 last November.

After a few months there was a problem with the idle speed control valve plus I got it serviced at a cost of £430.

I have had a recon engine on 77k (4 weeks ago) at a cost of £900 and recently had to spend £30 on a replacement fanbelt as one of the air con bolts snapped off (still under dispute with recn engine fitters).

On filling up at £50 I get about 400 miles on average to a tank.

I reckon the car is probably now worth only £2000 so £900 depreciation giving me a total running cost of 77pence per mile to date!

Also I don't know yet whether garage will pay for air con refit which now does not work as fanbelt fitted has to bypass unit and also needs 2 new tyres pretty soon which will force the cost up even more.
Omega running costs - Vin {P}
Did I say 'camshaft'? I meant 'crankshaft'
Omega running costs - Mark (RLBS)
We've got an Omega estate with 128,000 miles on it.

In the last 12 months the following has happened;

Got an MOT
Replaced a windscreen
Two new tyres
Repaired after an accident
Wire fell off brake light switch
Service (just a little one, cam belt and stuff was done last year)

In the last 4 weeks, normally its Adriana's car, I've put 4,000-odd miles on it. It is a little tired, but everything still works and it never fails to start or run well.
Omega running costs - Vin {P}
Whoops, Add in insurance, road fund licence and finance costs and we have £15,852 = 30.1ppm.

Added after comments in the discussion forum raised points I had missed.

Omega running costs - Daz
That now bumps mine up to 88p :-(

Value my car