Is it worth it ? - Mark (RLBS)
I just pulled all the \"I have a question\" threads together.

Should I bother to do the same with things like the speeding threads ? Its a bit of hassle, but not much.

Opinions ?
Is it worth it ? - Armitage Shanks{P}
As a would be solicitor,(too old now) and with an interest in the law I think that a pulling together of the speeding stuff could be useful. This is particularly in the light of the recent Yorke/Mawdsley and unsigned NIPs case. Please take this as one vote in favour of your 'cunning plan'!
Is it worth it ? - Mark (RLBS)
I got a couple of e-mails as well, I shall pull three or four of the most common threads together.

This will make the first page of the directory a bit of a pain for a day until it clears onto the second page, but after that I think it will be kinda useful.

Is it worth it ? - SteveH42
Is there facility with in the board software to create a page that links a range of 'nominated' threads in an easy to access format? I was tempted to suggest a separate group for these threads, but then again they are best kept in discussion for ease of use. However, if in your 'welcome' message at the top of each thread you could present a simple link for people to access previous threads it would be useful for browsing as well as helping prevent repeat questions.
Is it worth it ? - Mark (RLBS)
Not really, no.

Keeping them together in the directory is about the only way. And frankly I won't do that all the time, just every 6m - 1yr or so.
Is it worth it ? - Hugo {P}

Is it worth archiving the closed threads and having a link to them in your opening post?

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