lack of bass - jim_mapps

just installed a nice sony 4 channel amp and it all sounds nice and clear. Problem is I have lost all the bass which I had before I used an amp... even at the same volume I used to play it at.

any ideas?
lack of bass - edisdead {P}
Speakers wired out of phase?
Check red/black (or equivalent) speaker cables are attached to +/- terminals consistently.
lack of bass - jim_mapps

I was real carefull with that, the negative side is the one with the smaller connection of the two right?
lack of bass - Dan J
Could equally apply to the inputs as well.

From memory, I know a mate of mine had a similar issue and it turned out to be some microscopic switch on the amp that when turned on fed all low frequency out to a (non-existent) sub-woofer. Once turned off it was fine.
lack of bass - 3500S
Also poor physical positioning and fitting will not help. Make sure there's some air to move, bass is all about moving air and also from a secured position. To remove any unwanted vibration and improve direction, fit some sound absorbing material around the speaker mounting.

lack of bass - roscopervis
More than likely you have the hpf (high pass filter) on which stops bass getting to speakers. Turn this onto full range to enjoy the full spectrum of sound.

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