Megane auto boxes - gordon hackwell
I keep hearing that my R reg Megane Auto could be prone to box failure.
Has anyone out there ever experienced this, and what are the first symptoms?
Acquired it in March 01 with only 8k on the clock, but have put another 5k on iit since, in an effort to loosen things up.

Old Timer.
Re: Megane auto boxes - Andy
I had a Renault Scenic 1.6 RT auto that the gearbox failed on after 35000 miles, 2 and a half years.

As it was on Motability Contract Hire, the bill was down to the dealer, who in turn claimed the £4000 (from memory) cost from Renault UK.

HOWEVER..............the car drove 100 times better after the new gearbox, used less fuel and changed gear a lot smoother. When I looked under the bonnet there appeared to be a lot of new items, relay boxes etc................

Upon asking the Renault dealer I was told " we have never seen this before " and " all we did was swap the gearbox ".............................................A likely story.

Needless to say that, along with regular breakdowns, excessive tyre wear, extremely poor dealer service I havent bought (NOR WOULD EVER BUY OR RECOMMEND ANYONE ELSE DOES) a Renault again. And the car that ive just told you about, that was actually a replacement after the first car broke down 4 times in 3 months, being off the road for half of that time!


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