Passat 1.9TDi (2001) Advice - wonderwheels
Don't know if this is my imagination...... My car seems to perform poorly in hot weather. I thought the turbo kicked in, in the diesel model around 1500 revs. I recently had a problem with my car where the car seemed to "limp" home.Cleared the next day, but it was as if the turbo had failed. Dealer found nothing wrong with the car.However since this happened I feel that the car is sluggish. The turbo doesn't appear to kick in till 2000+ revs now.If you "floor" the accelerator, the pick up isn't immediate now. There is a delay before the car stars pulling. Just in my head, normal or does my car have problems?
Passat 1.9TDi (2001) Advice - Malcolm_L
Best to get it checked by a VAG dealer - ECU stores faults and
should show what the problem was. (If it doesn't it may well be the Air mass sensor which is notorious for playing up - check out other threads).
Passat 1.9TDi (2001) Advice - bertj
Obvious point which I'm sure has been checked. Make sure all the pipes to and from the turbo and intercooler are intact and firmly fixed. Make sure that the VW dealer does a proper ECU check; presumably the car is still under warranty.

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