Missing Registration document - Edward Lea
The vehicle I am interested in has no V5. The current owner says he bought it at auction as it was being sold by a finance company (a re-po). It has been HPI'd and has come up clean. Is it straightforward to get a V5 or should I be aware of other problems? Advice please.
Don't do it! - David Lacey
Never, ever buy a car with a missing V5
even if it shows up as clean on HPI - they are not faultless.....

Perhaps a call to the relevant Police Dept to check the reg no on the stolen car register would allay your fears

But, I would steer clear, unless you want to loose the car AND your money - I'm sure HJ and everybody else will agree.


Re: Don't do it! - Andy Bairsto
Daves correct private buyers should take much more care in a situation like this.Hpi is only as good as its input .Check the vin number with the police if they are not to busy and also with the agents as they will be able to tell you what the car should be.I beieve it is possible also to check with Swansea that the facts are as stated.
The old adage buyer beware
Re: Don't do it! - honest john
The trader can get a V5 by using a V62 to transfer ownership to him. But it will take some time and he probably want to offload the car, take a profit, and plough it into something else. If I was you I'd get details of the lot number and check with the auction house and finance company which sold the car.


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