Rover 75 Instruments - Lewis

The left-turn indicator lamp on my Rover 75 instrument panel has stopped working.

I have been advised by my local Rover dealer that a new Instrument Module is required at a cost of £380 plus vat plus fitting.

Is there a cheaper solution? Can't anyone repair these items? Whatever happened to getting a dry joint resoldered?

I don't imply any criticism of the dealer. He is usually quite helpful, but maybe he is not very proactive on this one.
Rover 75 Instruments - Cheeky
Not an expert by any means in this matter, but surely a bulb replacement is all that's needed. Are the indicator lamps on your dash LEDs or bulbs? Either way a complete module sounds drastic, not to mention extortionate in cost. I'm guessing you are also out of manufacturer's warranty...
Rover 75 Instruments - Aprilia
I guess the question is whether its just the instrument 'tell tail' lamp that is not illuminating, or whether there is a fault with the flasher module itself.

If its the former then I guess the lamp/LED is soldered to a pcb and they want you to replace the whole thing. Best idea might be to take the PCB out and get it to an electronics expert to check over. Someone who is used to servicing VCR's/TV's should easily be able to replace a blown bulb/LED on a PCB (if indeed that is the problem),
Rover 75 Instruments - Dynamic Dave
I'm guessing you are also out of manufacturer's warranty...

If it is just a bulb, then I doubt very much if the warranty will cover it anyway. It didn't when the odometer backlight bulb blew on my Dad's Astra.
Rover 75 Instruments - Deryck Tintagel
It could be that the later Rovers use CAN based messaging to the instrument cluster from a body control module fitted elsewhere in the car.

Assuming that the tell-tale is an LED then it is very unlikely to fail in service. I seem to remember seeing a Rover instrument pack with LEDs where filament used to be used. You may have a dry joint that causes a failure either at the LED or on the electronics controlling the instrument cluster. A fault due to a dry joint can be fixed quite easily with the right tools (fine soldering iron and a microscope help) but a failure of the electronics could be awkward to trace without specific knowledge.

I'll ask around to see if anyone knows what Rover use in the 75 and get back if there's any further information

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