Insurance "Total Loss" Auctions - Niall

The last few cars I've bought are from Insurance Salvage Dealers with light, superficial damage, which I could repair myself.

Do these guys get the cars from auctions that non-trade customers can participate in?

If so can someone point me in the direction of such auctions?

I'd like to see what I can get for myself, instead of having to go through a "middle-man"


Insurance - martint123
Insurers won't deal with the public for total loss vehicles - there's too much legal mumbojumbo around nowadays.

The only way to get a cheaper write off is via an owner who kept it as part of his settlement.
Insurance - flatfour
What age cars would you get without much damage as a total right off that could be repaired easily, and how much would they cost? How can you tell if they have been stretched out?
Insurance - PB
You can buy cars direct from Universal Salvage. I think you have to be registered to buy total losses but not for Cat D and Stolen Recovered.
Insurance - Galaxy
I believe that Holding and Barnes on Canvey Island, Essex, hold salvage auctions. I don't know the details because I've never been interested but I'm sure it would be worth your while to give them a call.

I do know that you have to have some sort of prior registration, though, before you're allowed to bid on anything.
Insurance - Vansboy
But don't forget, when you come to sell on again, it's still a 'write off'!!


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