Mondeo 2.0 1996 clunking - wandrews
Every now and then, the Mondeo makes a fairly lound clunk sound.
The sound seems to come from the back left of the car.
It seems to only happen when turning right.
It's random and I am not mechanically minded.
Is this an expensive problem to fix?
I have only had it a day.
The mileage is 72 000.

Any advice?
Mondeo 2.0 1996 clunking - Gregory P
I once had a similar problem, and I think it needed lubrication from underneath somewhere. But any more information about this would be helpful as it may mean the car may have been poorly serviced in the past.
Mondeo 2.0 1996 clunking - Gregory P
Can anyone answer this question?
Mondeo 2.0 1996 clunking - Mark (RLBS)
Something in the boot ? Perhaps around the spare wheel area.
Mondeo 2.0 1996 clunking - greenway2003
its one of the suspension arms.
had same prob myself part is maindealer only. cant remember cost.
Mondeo 2.0 1996 clunking - wandrews
The clunking only happens when turning right.
I cannot seem to make it happen at will.
There are some sharp turns which cause the Mondeo to clunk.
Othertimes, it can happen as I am taking a slight bend in the road with the steering wheel already at a fixed position.
I cannot determine if it is related to uneven surfaces or not.
There seem to be 2 types of sound.
One sound is a very light, short clunk.
The second is much louder and worrying.

I paid £1200 for the Mondeo. Was I unlucky or ripped off.
I am concerned that it will be very expensive to repair.
How soon should it be repaired (in the middle of moving house, so will have to delay fixing it).

Many thanks


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