buying advice - all comments welcome - fiesta man

I would be very grateful for some advice on the following potential purchase I’m considering:

trade in car:

'97 p-reg fiesta 5dr 1.25 ghia in dark green and 77k miles with a full service history and with good body work.

purchase car:

mondeo st 24 5dr with 46k miles in metallic black, good body work, apparently good drivetrain, and certainly drives well compared to all the others I’ve tested.... but the problem is that it's a repossessed ford credit car, and as such the service history is slightly patchy - the car is 5 years old, and in the slightly dubious service book only 3 services are detailed. The car has a mot, and has new brakes pads and discs, new mid-section exhaust. There’s no evidence to suggest the car has been neglected, quite the opposite, just it looks like someone forgot take the record book back when they took the car.

mondeo is up for £5350, and the trade in offered on the fiesta is £2350.

To me the mondeo's price seems a bit high. What do those in the know think should be offered for the car?


fiesta man.

p.s. the mondeo comes with a 3 month warranty, but I’m considering that worthless.
buying advice - all comments welcome - buzbee
Don't know about your buy, but 4 weeks or so ago I sold a Fiesta Ghia zetec, like your's in white, imaculate, via Autotrader website for £2400, if that is any help. But I was able to use a second car while I waited for my new one to arrive. The add is displayed for six weeks and costs £10-15 (can't remember exactly) and you can get at it to alter it at no extra charge. KH.
buying advice - all comments welcome - frostbite
Must say the Mondeo price could be a bit high, but you haven't said what year it is (unless I've missed it).

Do get a quote from your insurance co., for the new motor - I recently fancied a Xedos 2ltr to replace my Scorpio 2ltr - quoted double current premium!
buying advice - all comments welcome - TrevP
Indeed. An ST24 is normally Group 16.
buying advice - all comments welcome - Maz
The ST24 also has a reputation for being a lot thirstier and not much quicker than the 2 litre, with a tendency to shred front tyres.
buying advice - all comments welcome - fiesta man
oops - it's an s-reg '98.

I've dismissed it now anyhow, but the insurance aspect is still valid. The insurance premium is quite tollerable.

As for the comments about 2litle v's 2.5 v6 performance / fuel consumption, and having had both in the past i'd say the following:. The v6 is appreciably quicker, but does indeed use more fuel. However driven normally, the v6 is not vastly worse on fuel - cruising along at 80mph (obviously on the continent), the v6 tends to average around 33-36mpg, whereas the 2 litre is 36-40 (i think HJ will confirm this). The main difference is that the v6 is a smooth refined engine, and the zetec-e is, in my opinion, like a tractor engine by comparison.

Each to their own and all that.
buying advice - all comments welcome - Morris Ox
Don't know where you got your figures from, but I'd be surpised if the V6 chalked up those kind of figures unles you were motorway cruising all day. I'd reckon 25-30 is more likely day to day.

Think there are more efficient ways of getting that kind of punch without plumping for the Duratec V6.
buying advice - all comments welcome - Vansboy
A few other things to consider....

You're not buying from a Ford main dealer, at a guess.You would have (& expect) a very comprehensive warranty, if you were.Plus not just for 3 months.

If it is TRULY a repo...
Has it now been cleared HPI wise?The dealer should be able to show you, that it has.

Have you seen a log book?Might not have one.Don't buy without.

How many owners?

Was it handed back, or 'snatched'?If the latter, did they have to break in, to get it? Check ID numbers match on glass.

Do you have 2 sets of keys, complete? Or are there lots of odd ones. If lots, check how much damage has been repaired around locks & ignition.

Check underneath-has it full of grass & mud,from standing around in a field/compound awaiting release?

THOROUGHLY read that history. If the owner couldn't keep up payments, he probably missed scheduled maintainence. You might have genuine service stamp in the book, but did they only change the oil?

I should think this one through, before parting with your hard earned £$£$£$

buying advice - all comments welcome - DavidHM
I know you've given up on it, but Vansboy is right - this deal smells really, really bad.

It wasn't one of those 'We'll give anyone finance as long as they can afford the bus fare to get here' kind out outfits was it?
buying advice - all comments welcome - Alf
NEVER use cash! you have very little protection if things go wrong, Best of all use a credit card followed by a regulated car loan.....even if you have cash.
Cash is NOT king.




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