Technical Information System (TIS) CDs - Hairy Hat Man
A quick search of 'TIS' on a well known auction site produces many listings for Technical Information System (TIS) CDs.

Are these actually of any use / interest to your average 'keen' motorist as the listings claim?
Technical Information System (TIS) CDs - james_60

the ford ones have wiring diagrams and tech service bulletins and how to do them with parts listed.

they have a range of engines starting from 957 fiesta to 4 litre v8 the engine sechtion has tech issues and how to sort them

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Technical Information System (TIS) CDs - AF
Worth the £4 each (inc p&p) I paid for the BMW and Ford ones. The prices of these tend to vary wildly from seller to seller, but they are all the same thing.

If you never touch the car apart from to drive it, probably not worthwhile, but if you do, it probably is. I wouldn't fancy trying to do any major work just relying on it though.

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