Discovery SeriesII queries - Simon

I have owned a couple of the current Td5 autos, and I would be lying if I said they had been at all reliable.

I won't bore you with the details, but on top of all the niggling faults I have endured, there are a couple of recurring problems on my latest one which the dealer has been unable to resolve for the last 18 months.

The first is a vibration when the vehicle is on the 'over-run' at around 1100rpm. It feels like a transmission problem because the engine does not do it when the vehicle is stationery. The main dealer has told me it was the ACE (anti-lean) hydraulic pipes resonating, but I've driven other ACE equipped models and some do have it, some don't. Last time I was at the dealers (-last week actually, L-R owners know their dealers well) the foreman mechanic rang up Land-Rover technical and they blamed the flexible joint at the exhaust manifold. I reckon this is unlikely because the problem disappears if the vehicle isn't moving.

The second problem I have is with Gearbox warning lights; they get flustered about once a month. The dealer has changed the switch and connectors on the auto box twice (blaming their premature corrosion on the A/C drain pipe's proximity) which improves, but never totally eradicates, the problem.

My reason for sharing this with you is in the hope that somebody else has both had the problem, has had it rectified (!), and can share the secret of their success with me.

PS: Whilst every L-R I have owned has been a dud in build quality terms, I am one of the 50% of L-R owners that are still going to buy another one. In many ways it is a cracking motor.
My wife drives a new Toyota 4x4 and whilst it is 100% reliable, there's something missing, I think it's character.

Simon Davies
Re: Discovery SeriesII queries - Andy Bairsto
I got rid of my disco because they could not solve the same problem
Re: Discovery SeriesII queries - Dwight Van-Driver
Lack of responses to your problem should indicate what poor vehicles Discos are. I am saddled with one too which has a mind of its own as to which problem it will next pose.

Landrover International Owner International Magazine (no connection) has a bevy of technical experts who may be able to assist. Try E mailing your problem to

Mad we must be for I too would look seriously at another L.R because of my size and arthritic knee but next time something thats been in the hands of a LR Fanatic as he may well have ironed out the majority of problems which L.R. do not seem to be interested in doing.


PS. What's the matter with Marmalade these days? Too runny and keeps dropping off my toast.......

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