VW Sunroof/central locking failure?? - Laura_VWGolf
Hi, anyone who can help...on Sunday my sunroof wouldn\'t close, and then I noticed the interior lights weren\'t working, the central locking, the ciggie lighter, the clock was re-setting itself whenever I turned the car on, and even the immobiliser was acting funny and the alarm went off after I left the car so I\'ve left it off. It is a VW Golf GL N reg and I\'ve managed to close the sunroof. Is this a fuse box problem - the things that aren\'t working seemed to be attached to different fuses though?? Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated before I get ripped off at a London garage...
VW Sunroof/central locking failure?? - Deryck Tintagel
I don't know much about VW electrics but:

Will it start?

Check that the battery terminals are clean and tight

Look for fusible links somewhere around the battery - some cars have large fuses close to the battery to supply circuits that are then fused down using smaller fuses in the under-dash fusebox

The battery may be failing / low on charge - I had a similar problem with my old Cavalier

VW Sunroof/central locking failure?? - Laura_VWGolf
Many thanks for that Deryck, much appreciated, gives me a start when Im talking to the garage... rgds, Laura

VW Sunroof/central locking failure?? - Peter D
This sounds like either a battery terminal loose or corroded or an earth terminal problem. Have you restated the car since the problem. If you turn the head lights on without the engine running what colour is the light. Regards Peter
VW Sunroof/central locking failure?? - J
Had same problem on Skoda Octavia 1.9TDi on 4th Aug 03. No electric sun roof or windows, door open warning light would not go out, courtesy light on drivers door and interior lights would not go out. No central locking.

Car had been parked in intense heat with no shade for a long day.

Removed fuse overnight to prevent battery drain.

Next morning with same symptoms took car to main dealer. They put the fuse back in (same fuse) and everything worked!!!!!.

Computer analysis could find no details of fault. Dealers view that what ever it was it had reset itself. A gremlin!!!!

So far so good but am waiting for a reoccurance.

Hope this is useful and anyone else with similar symptoms would be welcome to call back.

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