Tyre pressure indicators - bertj
I've seen adverts for replacement tyre valve caps that show whether the tyre pressure is correct. There is a green indicator if the pressure is OK and red if it's not. Has anyone used these and if so, are they any good and where did they get them from? I'm a bit dubious about the adverts you see in various magazines and would rather buy them from a motor spares shop. Incidentally, Halfords know nothing about them.
Thanks in advance.
Tyre pressure indicators - Mike H
Incidentally, Halfords know nothing about them.

There's a novelty!
Tyre pressure indicators - Blue {P}
Try www.speeding.co.uk

I'm sure that they sell them.

Tyre pressure indicators - Marcos{P}
Just looked on www.speeding.co.uk and I cant believe how many of the products are not legal for use in the U.K.
You know damn well the wide boys around have their cars loaded up with these products.
Tyre pressure indicators - shoei
I bought some through motorcycle news magazine for my Golf, £12 for 6 (two for my bike) they are very good as you only have to visually check the cap to see if there is any pressure loss. Mine lasted 2 weeks until some pleb pinched them from outside a friends house, so if you keep your car in the garage all the time and dont park in public places then I recommend you buy some, but if not, don`t bother.
Tyre pressure indicators - Claude
There are a very neat device and they do work but two comments:

- They stick out so they can be vulnerable to kerb damage.

- The amount that the red indicator shows is a tiny amount even for a reduction of say 5 lbs per sq inch. Even then you have to look closely at them to see whether the indicator is showing. Just to explain; if you look at them from anything other than absolutely side on you see both the red and the green indicator but you cant judge how much the red indicator is proud of the surrounding green indicator. You can only do that by squatting down beside the tyre valve (and generally giving the perspex cover a wipe). So definitely not a quick walk round the car and a casual glance but quite useful in some circumstances.
Tyre pressure indicators - bertj
Thank you all for the info. It seems, on balance, that the negatives outweigh the positives over these pressure indicators. I think I'll save my hard earned cash!
Tyre pressure indicators - bugged {P}
slightly off the thread but worth a mention, one of the best bits about the bug is the dust caps!!! They are designed that you can check the pressure and top up with air WITHOUT having to remove them!!! they have a tiny valve in the end i guess!!!

When i had the alloy replaced recently they put a normal cap on there and i asked them to change it back to the old one, they are really handy and save loosing them under the car when you are doing the air!

Only trouble is if you get someone next to you who obviously thinks you are very girly not removing them!!!

do back roomers know of other cars with this neat design???


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