Alloy size / Tyre size? - Kimion
Just a quick question,
Will 185/55 R15 tyres fit on 7Jx15" alloys?
The alloys have 195/50 r15 tyres on at the moment, and I've looked everywhere for this info but nothing can confirm!
Can anyone help?
Alloy size / Tyre size? - DL
Yes, they'll fit with no problems.
Alloy size / Tyre size? - Wales Forester
According to the tyre converter on
Your 195/50 R15 tyres can be replaced by 185/55 R15 tyres without any problems.
So assuming the 195's were correct for the wheels concerned to start with then all should be ok.

Alloy size / Tyre size? - DavidHM
Well yes, they will fit.

Looking at the Toyo convertor (the full URL is ) there is a difference of 9mm.

The 195/50s are 577 mm round, the 185/55s would be 586mm. It's not a huge difference but unless you're trying really, really hard to save money, I would keep the size the same, particularly on the same axle.
Alloy size / Tyre size? - Kimion
Thanks for the replies.
I've bought a set of 185/55 for my standard steel wheels a couple of months ago, and a old friend is now selling his 7"x15" alloys that come with 195/50 tyres. So just needed to know if they fitted.
Thanks again


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