clio cambelt - hank
1997 1200(8 valve) renault clio.Has this vehicle got a cam belt or timing chain? If so What is the recomended replacement mileage for a cam belt?
clio cambelt - DL
Do it now :-)
clio cambelt - DavidHM
Recommended mileage is 72k or five years for most Renaults. I would be even more cautious than that. Yours is definitely belt driven.
clio cambelt - CMark {P}
well, David, it is interesting what you say that about the 5 year interval recommendation. Out here in Jordan I run a 1996 1.2 Clio [1] with a tiddly mileage of 18,000 miles. The service book says the timing belt should be changed at 75,000 miles with absolutely no mention made of a time interval. In fact, no time intervals are quoted at all for any service job.

I quizzed the main dealer about the timing belt interval with respect to the very low milage of the car. They assured me that there was no urgency to change it and helpfully suggested that I could have it changed when it reaches perhaps 50% of the recommendation i.e. at 37,500 miles. I replied that, at this rate, the car would then be 14 years old. "Don't worry, Sir, it will be fine".

We are going to be selling the car in 9 months time. Should I get the belt changed at modest cost and inconvenience with the additional risk them messing it up or just carry on???

[1] Type: B57N, Engine: E5F Carb.

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