Omega Auto Gearbox Problem - Taters
I have an Omega 1994 2.5 V6 with auto gearbox which has the following fault.

The vehicle drives fine in normal drive mode,kicks down ok, changes up & down ok.

However if I put it in sports mode and accelerate with the pedal flat to the floor the box fails to change up and as it hits redline I get a warning light and the text " Automatic gearbox". The gearbox then goes into limp home mode. Once the engine has been turned off the gearbox is fine.

If I drive in the above manner but as I approach redline(or before) I lift of very very slightly the box changes up as normal. Also if I drive with a light throttle in sports everything is fine!

It's been into a main dealer that says it has a "code 41 - Hydraulic fault" when I told them it was a recon unit of only a month they then backed down saying they didn't know!

The garage from where I got the car from has had it back and adjusted the linkage but its still doing it!

Could it be a ECU fault or is it in fact the gearbox thats faulty.

Any other suggestions.

P.S. Anyone know what connections to jump to get to the gearbox fault codes?
Omega Auto Gearbox Problem - Sooty Tailpipes
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There is a PDF about repairing this box in the files section.
or you could post the question there.

Common problems are a wiring loom's rubber boot can break up and get stuck in the flow path of a solenoid, or an internal seal can fail, but that doesen't fit your symptom.

Good luck.
Omega Auto Gearbox Problem - outkast
try, this site tells you how to read the ecu with a paperclip,it may be of some help to you.
It might also be worth cleaning any elec connectors on the gearbox as dirt/corrosion can effect them.
Omega Auto Gearbox Problem - Dynamic Dave
Unfortunately the info on the topbuzz website is for engine ecu fault codes, not gearbox ecu's.
Omega Auto Gearbox Problem - stator
Try some one at for advice


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