4x4 van - milo
im after a 4x4 van - terrano or trooper? or any better ideas. Best offer so far is a new terrano van for 12.5k from virgincars I am a little put off the isuzu as they are being discontinued over here.
4x4 van - Wales Forester
How about a nice ex-electric company Transit County 4x4 conversion!
4x4 van - milo
thanks for the advice but it is a generally too large for what i want, i also dont want to turn up to a job looking like a pikey
4x4 van - AR-CoolC
Have you looked at the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hi-Lux double cab 4x4's etc ?

For 12k you should be able to pick up a year old one.
They also have the advantage of 5 seats.

4x4 van - milo
i already have apick up but i need something that i can store tools in safely i dont need five seats and i dont want a truckman!
4x4 van - Hugo {P}
Freelander or Discovery?

They both come in a commercial body style. Or even the defender LWB.


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