mk3 fiesta problems - rawedge
hi there i'm new to here but from what i have read you all seem like nice folk, so i was hoping for a little help.

i have a couple of problems with my fiesta (92 K mk3)

1. not very often but occasionally when i go to change gear the clutch goes to the floor with a bit of a crunch and when it comes back up it sort of creaks (maybe a bit like a spring creaking??) I think it maybe the auto adjuster but i'm not sure
any opinions on this??

2. Starting issue
I can start the car fine with clutch fully up (not being touched)
but with the clutch down the car struggles slightly but starts.
with both instances though (mainly with clutch depressed) it initially seems like its going to stall easily so i have to rev it a little to keep it going, once i have started driving its ok
could this be an incorrect idle speed? wrong mixture? i have changed the plugs and air filter in the last couple of months.

3. when going above 50 ish and making let hand manouvres (i.e moving across lanes on the motorway or going round left bends) the car judders quite badly. I have tried the suspension test pushing on the bonnet corners and seeing if they bounce or rise nicely and they rise nicely so that seems to be fine.
I'm thinking wheel bearings possibly.

all help is greatly appreciated and hopefully with my veryveryveryvery limited knowledge i can be of use to some of you as well

new to cars ans always looking for help
mk3 fiesta problems - james_60

i own a 89 mk3 and have two of the above problems thus being crunching gears and it wont start with the clutch pressed down

here are the reasons

1. there is a cable adjustment system on the pedal that compensates for clutch wear sometimes it gets it wrong and gives too much slack which means the clutch can still be engaged very slightly that is why the gears sometimes crunch its a design fault that may have been (not promising) sorted out when the mk4 came out

the reason why the car wont start when the clutch is pressed is because the engine is so small it lacks the momentum to get started and the gearbox is slower than the engine at stopping so it aids in the starting of the engine.

3 get you\'re tracking done as it may be out, does the steering wheel judder, maybe you need to check tyre pressures (30-35 psi)
30 psi standard driving 35 for motorways

is this car carburetored or is it an injection engine if its carb\'d you can increase the idle by looking for the idle tap that looks like an old regulator of an oil lamp (circle shaped with flowery edges) turn that clockwise a minute amount to increase rev\'s dont do it with engine running you may get something caught on one of the belts,

Hope this helps
James Stephenson
mk3 fiesta owner/repairer/cleaner/driver
mk3 fiesta problems - rawedge
ok, here are a couple of things i have just found out that might be useful for both of us

1. You can get the automatic adjuster on the clutch (which is this crunching problem) changed to a manual one. I have also heard about using a spacer as well but i believe this is a temporary solution

below is a link to a PDF for the manual clutch conversion

2. Just have to double double check the car isn't in gear before starting with the clutch up

3. I have had the wheels balanced, i will check tyre pressure and hopefully get the tracking done at the weekend.

mine is 1.4 CVH the carb version, so i will try and have little play with the idle tap at the weekend

mk3 fiesta problems - james_60

i would leave the auto adjuster as it is as its there for a reason unless you have a body like a bean pole as you wont be able to stay under there long,

you will have to remove the front drivers seat to get to the pedals properly so i would leave it as it is,

how many miles do you do a day/week

i cured the crunching problem by spending £30 to get the gearbox oil changed the gearbox is quieter and smoother now so maybe when you get tracking done you should also get that done as tracking by ford is £14.99 so the oil change will be £30.00 = £44.99

dont put the idle up too high just put it up so it will stay running without any pumping of accelerator

hope this helps
J Stephenson
mk3 fiesta problems - rawedge
I will leave the adjuster alone and the idle speed will be done with the minutist detail my hands can perform

as for the oil and tracking
been quoted £30 for the gearbox oil change
and £40 for the tracking from my local ford garage (a dagenham motors one)

although i know kwik fit will do the tracking for £25 as my brother got his done their recently.

gonan make a few more calls and see if i can get a beter price anywhere
mk3 fiesta problems - Blue {P}
Find your local RapidFit.

It's a Ford version of Kiwk Fit, but they're cheaper, and in my experience, do a very good job!

mk3 fiesta problems - james_60

it was rapid fit that did my tracking sorry i said ford i thought they were same people

J Stephenson
mk3 fiesta problems - rawedge
no problem, looks like my nearest Rapid fit is Croydon
however there are a couple of Kwik Fit's and a ATS Euromaster a lot closer by (Kingston, Surbiton and Twickenham) so i will probably use one of these.
mk3 fiesta problems - DavidHM
In Kingston, go to National Tyres - I use them all the time. Scottish bloke, very honest and helpful and they've always got space. It's just off Penrhyn Road by the university.
mk3 fiesta problems - rawedge
i know the place, just round the corner from audio design
I will try there on saturday morning

thanks everyone for your help
mk3 fiesta problems - rawedge
I got the tracking done and the rear shocks as well as they needed doing anyway.

seems to have made a little difference to the juddering problem but nothing significant.

I have tried the reversing at full lock test and can't hear an knocking from the front when i do, so don't think it is the cv joint but I am concenred it might be.

re-reading the replies above i think i'm gonna have to get it to a garage or a friend in my area and let them take it out and see what they think about the problems.

mk3 fiesta problems - james_60

how much did the rear shocks cost, where did you get it done as mine need doing

what happened about the gearbox and starting prob

j stephenson
mk3 fiesta problems - rawedge
Rear Shocks were £46 each including fitting at National Tyres

the gearbox crunching seems to have stopped, but we will have to wait and see if it happens again.

as fo the starting, i am speaking to a bloke this afternoon about a general engine tune and seeing what he thinks

mk3 fiesta problems - james_60

did you get new springs as well what kind of a warranty do they have,

iam trying to find a lower price than £200+ that ford want

Kind regards
James Stephenson
Fiesta MK3 popular plus owner/driver/cleaner/polisher/doctor.
mk3 fiesta problems - rawedge
I can't remember what the warranty is off the top of my head

my springs were fine and didn't need replacing

Value my car