New Golf - DavidHM
Don't tell Sean, I think they've built a Fiat Stilo by mistake.

Actually it looks very promising, though hardly revolutionary as far as I can see.
New Golf - Burnout2
About as revolutionary as the new A3, unsurprisingly. But looks less dumpy, and should drive less stodgily. Ambitious pricing and hit-and-miss build will no doubt remain. Cabin quality will again be class leading, but how much of an achievement is that against the Focus or Astra? Pity the interesting versions aren't due 'till 2005.
New Golf - Phoenicks
Actually the new A3 is far from stodgy to drive - very tight, with nice neutral handling.
New Golf - Burnout2
I was referring to the MkIV Golf as stodgy (and dumpy) - the MkV shares the A3's chassis (and some engines), so should drive pretty similarly.
New Golf - eMBe {P}
HJ's car-by-car has had a small write-up & photo of teh Mk V for a while now. HJ says:
>>" ...What's Bad
Launch of FSIs may be delayed in the UK because they depend on petrol which is almost 100% sulphur free (less than 10 parts per million). ..."<<
New Golf - eMBe {P}
though hardly revolutionary as far as I can see.>>

A car longer than 57 METRES !
"...The latest version is significantly bigger than the last, gaining 57m in length, ..." !!

Wow that is ome limo. No wonder it is no longer dumpy or stodgy looking.
New Golf - sean
David, somebody told me. This was the last car I worked on, in Wolfsburg.

And let's have less of knocking people's style over substance, tee hee!

All I'll say to you is remember 25 years ago (if you were born then.) Ford launched the Fiesta.

VW put large billboards out showing side elevations of Fiesta and Polo. Almost identical.

The copy below was "Underneath it's still a Ford. Underneath it's still a VW."

So come on then style guys,adapt this now, please.

In fairness not even VWs are always perfect, just a bit more....

New Golf - AlanGowdy
Sean, thanks for the reminder of that advertising poster. I always thought it was brilliantly simple in conception - relying entirely on the public's preconceptions/prejudices being triggered by that one simple phrase.
New Golf - eMBe {P}
David: As we are supposed to help Hj by linking to advertisers via this site, perhaps you should request the Moderators to amend your link so that it goes via the "motoringTelegraph" link from the left of this page. MotoringTelegraph have the same story in essence.
New Golf - DavidHM
Sorry Sean, I know you worked on the car and it was just a gentle wind up.

I wasn't actually born when the first Fiesta appeared, but there you go... I do remember the launch campaign for the Mk IV Golf though, which said that it may not look different, but it was new, honest. Certainly I'm not so shallow as to dismiss a car purely on the way it looks.

I'm no fan of the Stilo and in a way, it's not surprising that the Golf looks so similar to it, given the need to make it taller and more spacious and Fiat's rather derivative styling.

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