Old Peugot Diesel problem - Graham W
Hello All,

We have a 1992 205 1.9TD, owned from new and has done 102K virtually entirely of half mile stop start journeys on a cold engine, so it doen't owe us anything, but . . . Over the last 20 miles or so it has lost most of its power. It now idles extremely roughly, has poor acceleration with no noticeable turbo boost at all and won't rev past approx 3,500 revs in any gear even first. Its not massively smoky but there is certainly significantly more smoke than it has previously produced. I thought there was possibly a squeak from the injector pump, but this could be a red herring. I suspect having read the 'Sharan TD - turbo sticking?' (A different Graham, not me!) thread that the turbo has probably had enough, but would appreciate any other advice/experience befroe I start pulling it apart.

Graham W
Old Peugot Diesel problem - Andrew-T
Has it always passed its emission test OK? - or put another way, do you use diesel treatment of any sort?
Old Peugot Diesel problem - Graham W
Yes, never any problems at all on the emissions test. No diesel treatment used. For the use that its had, it's always been very
clean running and extremely reliable.
Old Peugot Diesel problem - strobo
You may just have a dislodged intake hose. Whilst recently searching for the cause of the oil leak on my 405 1.9TD, I inadvertently dislodged the hose from the turbo to the intercooler (it can't have been very tight to start with).

After this the car would peak in 5th gear at 2000rpm and 55mph. Initial torque from a standing start was slightly higher than normal, but once relying on revs above 1500-1750 it was just a no-no.

Worth a look I reckon. If yours isn't completely dislodged, then maybe the jublilee clip isn't quite doing its job properly, or the hose has split. Either way, some of the pressure generated by the turbo would be escaping.

Strobo - rapidly learning to hate Peugeot's!!!
Old Peugot Diesel problem - Reggie
A wild guess. Could it be the waste-gate thats stuck in the open position on the turbo? I don't know how you could check this without taking the turbo off.
Old Peugot Diesel problem - Graham W
Thanks for the suggestions - it turned out that that the pump timing had wandered, and this combined with tired injectors was enough to cause dramatic symptoms. With the injectors sorted out and the pump re-timed it's running better than it has in a long while.
Graham W

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